Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Mark and Carol cast a woman's wrist. Carol notes the patient's good luck at falling down a flight of concrete stairs and doing herself no more damage than breaking her wrist, which Mark calls "one of the benefits of alcohol consumption." This gives Carol an opening to complain that, between pregnancy and breast-feeding, she can't remember the last time she had a drink; however, she delivers this line in a dreamy, zombie-like tone reminiscent of Kerri in the last scene. Mark says he'd have more trouble giving up caffeine. Carol says she's thinking of weaning the kids: "It's been six months; I'm not sure how much longer I can deal." First of all, I don't think that the best reason to stop nursing a baby is that it's a hassle for you personally. Second, isn't six months unusually young for an infant to go off breast milk? Moms in the audience, help me out. Mark apparently doesn't agree with me, and tells Carol he's amazed she's lasted this long. "You don't think I'm a terrible mother?" Carol fishes. Mark says, "If you plan on being the perfect parent, you might as well fail now, while they can't remember." Carol sighs, and he asks if she's okay. Without meeting his eyes, she murmurs, "They deserve a father, Mark." In response, Mark drops this bombshell: "Doug's been seeing them." Uh. He has? As Sars pointed out when the Not! Line was in effect, is this something that happened on the ER Desktop? The last we heard of Doug, Carol had asked to call him right after the twins were born; we didn't even see the conversation. Yes, we all live in the real world and know that George Clooney isn't going to make a five-minute appearance on the show just to play patty-cake with the kids, but really, if Doug had been around at any time between Thanksgiving and now, someone would have mentioned it in passing, and they haven't! No, this mention in passing is not sufficiently expository! Anyway, Carol tells Mark that Doug has asked her to move to Seattle again, and that she thinks he's serious this time. Mark asks what she told him, but before she can answer, Lisa appears in the doorway asking for Mark; Carol tells him to go.

In the hall, Lisa tells Mark that Kerri was deliberately starving herself in the hopes of inducing a miscarriage. Lisa says, "I may have talked her into having an abortion." "She didn't ask for one?" he asks. Lisa says, "Well, she's scared. She doesn't want her husband to know; apparently, he's very controlling." Mark tells Lisa that she must refer Kerri to the GYN clinic, and Lisa says that she'd already offered to arrange things at the clinic on Kerri's behalf, today. Mark asks what the rush is, and Lisa says that this may be her only opportunity. Mark shakes his head in his usual passive-aggressive way, like, if you have something to say, spit it out, Baldo, and snots, "She can't get out of the house?" Lisa reminds Mark, "She has five kids under eight. She needs somebody to make it happen for her." "Meaning she might not be in an emotional state to make her own decision," Mark suggests. "No, she made it," Lisa insists. "She just needed a push." "And you pushed her?" Mark demands. Lisa looks shifty and admits that she doesn't know. Mark asks whether Lisa gave Kerri her options, and Lisa says she did, but that adoption won't work for Kerri because of her husband. She adds, "I'm afraid that if she has another kid, it's going to push her over the edge." In his best impatient/patient tone, Mark observes, "If she's gone to this much trouble to avoid an abortion, there's a part of her that has a problem with it." Lisa nods reluctantly, adding, "Or her husband does." Recognizing that he isn't going to win this one, Mark huffs, "Can GYN even do it?" Lisa says that she hasn't talked to them yet, and Mark tells her to ask them, since "it might not even be possible." Lisa thanks him and takes off before he can change his mind. He calls after her to be careful, and to make sure that an abortion is really what Kerri wants.

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