Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

In the hall, Finch tells Elizabeth, "He has a lap belt injury," like, what does she think Elizabeth determined during her examination -- Eli's favourite colour? I'm not even a doctor, and that's the first thing I'd think would be the cause of abdominal pain in a recent car-crash victim. GOD. Anyway, Elizabeth says, "That doesn't necessarily mean he needs surgery. Let's wait on the CT." Finch says the CT is only 20% effective in detecting small-bowel perforation, and asserts that Elizabeth should "explore him either way." Elizabeth adjusts her neck, the better to get it bent all out of shape, and says that Eli "has no peritoneal signs." "He did," Finch replies. "Not that I appreciated," Elizabeth says with some finality, and then books at the sound of her pager, but not before adding, "You wanted a surgical opinion. I've given you one." Rrrrowr! Ffft, fffft! Meow!

Finch strides back into Eli's room as Lisa and Mark come around the corner; Lisa tells Mark, "The icon is positive. She's pregnant." "The woman with all the kids?" Mark clarifies. Yes, of course, and she's about eight weeks gone, but that's not all; Lisa says, "[Her] albumin is low, and there are ketones in her urine." Mark figures that's just because she doesn't have time to eat (which I think was Posh Spice's excuse, too), and assumes that this latest one "wasn't a planned pregnancy." "Who knows? Maybe she wants her own softball team," Lisa jokes. She's already got a basketball team, for crying out loud; enough already! Lisa tells Mark that Kerri's already gone to CT; he tells her to call radiology, and then talk to Kerri about her diet. They run into Carol, and Lisa asks her if they have any prenatal vitamins around; Carol, keeper of all maternal knowledge, directs her. Lisa heads in search of them, and a brief and dull exchange about the peculiarities of Weaver's administrative practices follows, which, though brief, is just too dull for me to acknowledge.

Carol and Mark part ways at the desk, where Luka asks her to attend to one of his patents, and asks whether the girls settled in at the day care. She says they did, and when he further asks whether they seemed to like it, she mutters, "I don't know. They're babies," with about as much conviction as she might say, "I don't know which room they'd rather be in; they're just ficus plants." I know they're only a few months old and can't talk to you, but after this much time, you should know whether they're happy or not! Ugh, ANYWAY, Luka chaffs her that he's more concerned about the day care employees, and the impact they'll feel when "the Hathaway twins hit day care." "Ross," she corrects him. "Their last name's Ross." The camera pulls in nice and tight, the better to capture her annoyance at Luka's rather innocent slip, and he quickly apologizes. She tells him it's okay, and he apologizes some more, and stammers another order regarding his patient before rushing off to the lounge to put on his hairshirt and beat himself with a green birch switch. Carol gazes serenely at the computer screen, silently commending herself for so bravely suffering his foolishness. I didn't know what the big deal was about the last name, and why her children couldn't as easily be named "Hathaway," but Sars informed me that, in the U.S., even in cases of single motherhood, a baby is to take her father's name (if such is known) in order to make subsequent claims of child support easier to secure. In Canada (to my knowledge), it is common for a baby born to a single mom to take her mom's name, and that there are no legal ramifications to it, although if the father and mother do subsequently choose to raise the child together, the father can give the child his name. At least, that's my vague understanding. I had three different last names before the age of seven, but naturally my memory as to the sequence and causality of those events is kind of hazy now.

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