Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Paramedics wheel in a gurney conveying a very, very young-looking woman (played by Kerri Green of Lucas fame) and attended by four children, all under the age of ten. As the paramedic pushes her along, various of the children talk or hum and Kerri keeps imploring them to be quiet. The gurney stops at the desk, where it is met by Abby "Lisa" Lockhart. She asks Kerri, "Are these all your children?" When Kerri says that they are, Lisa cracks, "No wonder you collapsed." The paramedic tells Lisa that Kerri's blood pressure is a little low, and that she's "tachy at 120." Kerri calls the eldest child, Wyatt, who is pounding on the vending machine in an effort to dislodge a stuck chocolate bar. (And I think we've all been there, at one time or another in our lives.) Mark "Revenge of the Nerd" Greene gives the kid a coin, Kerri exhorts Wyatt to thank him, and the whole posse heads off to a trauma room to attend to an abrasion on Kerri's temple; she thinks she banged it on a shelf on her way down. Mark asks if she'd ever fainted before; Kerri says she hasn't, but that she'd felt dizzy earlier. The paramedic says that Kerri vomited in the ambulance, and Lisa adds, "Mouth and lips are dry." Kerri asks Mark, "Is that bad?" and he assures her that it's probably just dehydration. They arrive at the trauma room, whereupon Lisa, who's been carrying one of Kerri's brood, chuckles (unconvincingly) that her charge's diaper appears to be leaking. Kerri apologizes and says that he pulls at it sometimes. Wyatt appears, crowing that he relieved the vending machine of two chocolate bars; a younger kid tells Wyatt that he has to share, and Kerri backs up the younger brother's claim. As Mark and the paramedics liberate Kerri from all the gear in which she's encased, Randi appears at the door to tell Mark that his father's nurse is on the phone. Mark asks Lisa whether she's got the case under control, and in spite of all the chaotic action swirling around her, she uncertainly says that she does, so he books.

At the desk, John "Hand" Carter complains to Randi about the computer; she testily informs him that she's already called tech support twice. Mark appears behind them and Randi tells him his call is on line two. Mark picks up the phone and says hello, which Carter, sitting next to him, interprets as his cue to tell Mark, "I can't get my labs." Mark glares at him, like, hi, you're a doctor -- you're not four -- and reminds the nurse that she shouldn't put too much stock in anything Holling says, because she works for Mark. Before the conversation can continue, Luka hollers from the board that they're out of t-sheets. Mark tells Luka that it's Weaver's filing system, and Luka whines about when she might be back to sort all this stuff out. Mark returns to the phone call: "Look, no one is questioning your qualifications. [pause] He is?" Heh. Just then Elizabeth "Regina" Corday appears behind Mark, asking after the surgical consult for which she'd been paged. Randi points her in Finch's direction, but Elizabeth hangs around eavesdropping on Mark's conversation with Holling's nurse, Mrs. Fredriksson, instead. Mark winds it up by asking Mrs. Fredriksson to bear with him. Elizabeth asks if everything's all right, and Mark lies that everything's fine. Luka tells him they're out of the general forms, too, and Mark tells him to go back to the old charts. Randi emerges from the background (how the hell big is the area behind the desk, anyway? Huge numbers of people seem to be able to move in and out of there like it's an orchestra pit or something) and asks Carter whether they have a forwarding address for Lucy. The action pauses for a moment as Carter regards the envelope from Randi's hand and asks whether Lucy received something at the hospital. Geez, it's a good thing Carter's a doctor and not a detective. Randi tells him the envelope came from "the National Resident Matching Program." Elizabeth, still eavesdropping, covers her face and moans, "Oh god, they forgot to pull her application." Randi -- a little quicker on the uptake than Carter -- deduces that there's a hospital department somewhere with an administrator who thinks he'll have Lucy on staff next year. Carter brusquely declares, "Somebody should call them." Randi asks Carter if he thinks she should forward the letter to Lucy's mom, and Carter says he doesn't know. Randi gets increasingly exasperated and asks what she should do with it, and Carter quite rudely snatches it out of her hand and says he'll take care of it. Randi turns on her heel and stalks off, presumably before she's moved to do a little aggravated mayhem on his ass, and Elizabeth steps up to Carter and starts to offer to take it off his hands, but he interrupts her before she can finish and says he'll do it, so she leaves. He sets his jaw and heads off to parts unknown.

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