Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

In a trauma room, Finch asks Car Crash Kid whether his neck hurts. He says it doesn't, so she removes the collar and continues examining him, as he prattles on that he's only had his driver's license a couple of weeks, and that this was the first time "he" (we may safely assume he's referring to his dad) let CCK drive the car in which he crashed. Finch gets CCK to look around the room, which he does, without any apparent pain in his head or neck. He asks Lily whether he may use the phone, and she tells him he may, when Finch is done. They get CCK off the backboard; even though CCK is totally conscious and speaking at a mellow volume, Finch continues to yell in his face, demanding to know whether the airbag deployed. He tells her that the car is a '65 Mustang, and that it didn't have an airbag, just the seatbelt, and no shoulder strap, at that. CCK adds, "He's going to kill me." Finch distractedly assures CCK that his father will be more concerned about CCK's well-being than he will be about the car, but CCK contradicts her: "You don't know my father." Several tiny motors in her face cause her lips to pull back slightly off her teeth, in a chilling mockery of a smile. She announces to the room that CCK's chest is clear, but when she feels around his waist, he winces, and says he thinks the seatbelt caught him there. She orders a bunch of tests and a surgical consult. CCK continues to bemoan the fate of the car. She replies that insurance will pay for the repairs, and he insists that it's a classic, and can't be fixed. She says, "We call them 'accidents' for a reason. You may think this is a really big deal, but it's going to be okay." She then double-blinks her eyes, closing the window on "accident.txt."

At Doc Magoo's, Carol "Nosy Parker and the Vicious Smirk" Hathaway is feeding the twins, each of whom is perched in a car seat on the table. Luka ambles in and greets them: "'Morning, ladies," and as he sits down, Carol gasps, "No offense, but you look like hell." Uh, if that's true, then I think I can say with some certainty that Sartre was wrong, and that hell is not other people, because other people don't look like that. He points out that, in case Carol hadn't noticed, the ER has been short an attending, and she notes that it's "been pretty quiet," to which he replies, "For you, maybe." Carol pleads with Kate to finish her food, and Luka asks (rather expositorily) whether she got the twins into the hospital's day care centre. She ruefully says that she did, even though the day care doesn't usually take infants so young, and that she "had to talk them into it," which I guess answers the questions we'd all had over why they weren't in day care before, and how Carol could have justified having a nanny. She struggles some more in feeding Kate, and Luka remarks, "I don't blame her." Carol asks what he means, and he asks what it is she's feeding the twins. Carol, quite wounded (for some reason), murmurs that it's rice cereal, and that Kate likes it. "Yes, I can see," he says, sarcastically. Hee! He offers to feed Kate and they have a little kvetching back and forth over which is harder to manage -- a baby or a teenager. A random patron coos that the babies are "gorgeous," and Carol thanks her, pleasantly enough. Random Patron opines that "they look like angels," and Luka jokes that "looks can be deceiving"; right on cue, Tess starts screeching, and Luka, sitting right next to her, makes an "ouch" face, which was pretty funny. Carol sticks a bottle in Tess's mouth, and RP baby-talks, "Now, you don't give your mommy and daddy any trouble, do you?" adding, to Luka and Carol, "Beautiful family!" Luka and Carol exchange an awkward glance. Oh, spare us, Carol -- you love it!

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