Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Carol joins Luka in the ambulance bay. He asks where the girls are; she says she's on her way to pick them up and asks how much longer he's on. Luka says that, if Romano gets his way, "probably forever." Ah, it's so rare that Romano and I agree on anything. Carol awkwardly tells him that she'd just realized, looking at her own photos of Kate and Tess, that she's never seen any pictures of his children. He asks whether she wants to see one now, and he takes out his wallet and pulls out a small black-and-white photo of a girl sitting on a woman's lap, and says it's "Jasna. That was her birthday party. She was four." Carol says that both Jasna and Mrs. Kovac were beautiful. Luka quietly says, "Yes, she was." Carol asks whether she may see a picture of his son, and Luka says that he doesn't have any. Carol asks whether he means he doesn't have any on him, or whether he doesn't have any at all. Luka smiles sadly and says, "No, I'm lucky to have this one. I Just have to close my eyes and he's there -- usually with chocolate ice cream on his face and hands." Carol looks like she may cry, and says, "I'm sorry." Luka is actually smiling happily and gratefully, and tells her not to be sorry: "Thank you for asking." The ambulance pulls up, and he says, "Here I go, back to work." He chucks her on the arm and says he'll see her tomorrow. The coat Julianna Margulies is wearing subsequently goes up for auction on eBay; Saturnyne's opening bid is $10,000.

Benton sleeps. Finch comes in and curls up beside/on him.

Carter pads into the insanely large kitchen at his Gamma's house and gets himself a glass of milk. Dude, I don't even cook and I want that kitchen. It's about the size of the whole ground floor of our apartment. Anyway, a housekeeper appears in her nightgown, calls him "Dr. John" (heh), and offers to make him something to eat. She goes back to bed. He drinks his milk and ponders his own mortality. Or something.

In the dark, Holling bellows Mark's name. Mark stumbles out of bed and tumbles through the kitchen, without stopping to pour himself a cup of ambition, and heads into the dark living room, where he promptly trips over several pieces of medical equipment. Holling reminds Mark that he'd told him that "all this stuff would get in the way," and that he'd been trying to go to the bathroom but got "tangled up" in all the medical flotsam. Holling groans, "I should be able to go to the bathroom by myself." Mark says that he blames himself and that he should have left the lamp on. As they walk toward the bathroom, Holling angrily observes that his pyjamas are "soaked." Mark tells him that it's okay, and that they can get him another pair, but Holling's having none of it: "I haven't wet the bed since I was five!"

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