Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Lisa walks into the GYN clinic and straight up to Eyeball. She asks how Kerri's doing, and Eyeball says, "She's going to be okay." Lisa says that's good. Eyeball apologizes for letting his emotions get the better of him earlier. Lisa says it's okay. Eyeball says that Kerri let herself get run-down, and a little depressed, and he guesses he didn't see it. Throughout this scene, he's speaking in this low, gravelly, mellow tone of voice that for all the world suggests a stalker trying to placate an authority figure. He's so even-tempered, in fact, that I expect that the cause of his good spirits is his having caught up with Kerri before the abortion took place. Lisa assures him that it's easy to overlook the signs of depression in a loved one. Eyeball says that Kerri's resting now, so he's going to go check on the kids. Lisa makes a beeline for Kerri's room and asks how she's doing. Kerri says she's okay. Lisa tells her she ran into Eyeball outside, and Kerri says, "He was pretty upset, but he's better now. He forgave me." "Forgave you?" Lisa asks. Kerri elaborates (sort of): "We all make mistakes sometimes." "And what you did today -- that was a mistake?" Lisa asks. Kerri says, "He didn't call it that -- just a moment of weakness." Lisa cocks her head and asks what Kerri thinks. Kerri doesn't answer Lisa's question, saying instead, "And he talked to the doctor and I'm going to be fine. We'll be able to try again soon." "For another baby?" Lisa asks, as if she's hoping to be contradicted by Kerri telling her that the next thing they're going to try for will be a vasectomy for Eyeball. If you ask me, it doesn't seem like much "trying" was involved in Kerri's bearing the five children in seven years she's already managed. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- I'm just sayin', it doesn't really sound like it was much of an uphill battle. Kerri dreamily says that Eyeball is "a wonderful father," and says that they've both always wanted a big family. Lisa looks defeated, but manages to smile as she agrees, "Kids are great," and advises Kerri to "get some rest," without adding "while you can." Lisa steps out and closes the door behind her, rolling her eyes with the force and momentum of a boulder rolling down a hillside.

In the lounge, Chuny and Conni are sitting on the couch, cooing over an album full of Ross baby pictures. Luka staggers in -- another shift still ahead of him, mind -- and Conni shows off one of the photos to him. He agrees that it's very cute, and goes out to meet a trauma. As the door swings shut on his sweet, sweet ass, Chuny remembers that Luka himself had two children, both of whom died. Was that on the ER Desktop, too? How would they know that?

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