Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Carol shuffles supplies in a trauma room. Carter comes in looking for "four-by-fours." He sits down on the bed to rest his back and legs and as she hands him a four-by-four, she asks what's going on with him, and what was the deal with his overreaction to Pablo. He says he was just trying to be careful, and that maybe it was just a bad call. She sits next to him and tells him that she knows what it's like to have your whole life change: "A year ago, I was living with Doug; now I'm living alone with two babies. Go figure." Uh, no one stabbed Doug, okay? Or you (yet), so I really fail to see what any of that has to do with Carter. She tries to tie it together by saying that big changes take a while to adjust to. Carter pulls an envelope out of his pocket and says simply, "Lucy matched." Carol asks where, and he says, "Here. She got a spot in psych." Irony is so bored by this point, he's not even in my office waiting to bludgeon me with a rubber mallet, and is instead downstairs in the kitchen having a bowl of Lucky Charms, but calls up the stairs, "Hey! Psych! Did you get that?" "Yeah," I mutter. "Can you bring me a Coke?" Carol says, "There's always going to be something, Carter." "Well, what are you going to do?" he replies. "Go back to work," she offers. Whatever.

Holling, sitting at the dinner table, calls to Mark in the kitchen: "She's not really Swedish." "Mrs. Fredriksson?" Mark asks. Holling informs Mark that while she's married to a Swedish man, she is Dutch herself. Mark condescendingly says, "So you did talk to her?" Holling says that he didn't talk at all, and that she did all the talking: "Finally, about halfway through watching Rosie O'Donnell, I told her to stick her damn thumb in her dike and shut the hell up." HA! Mark, incredulous yet amused, says, "You didn't." Holling confirms that he did, and then asks what Mark has served him. Mark says that it's meatloaf, and that it's the only dish his mother made that he can still remember. Holling asks where the egg is, and explains that Mark's mother used to cook meatloaf with a hard-boiled egg in the middle, so that each slice would contain a little bit of egg. Mark, chastened, admits that he forgot that part. Holling gruffly says that he never cared much for the egg, anyway. Mark smiles and hands him a roll. Mmm, meatloaf. Mark says that work was "pretty decent." Holling makes some non-verbal noise that sounds, to me, a lot like "I don't care." Mark asks whether anything happened "around here," and Holling disgustedly asks what could have happened. Mark says that Holling and Mrs. Frederiksson must have done something, and Holling growls, "What the hell would we do, Mark? Play Parcheesi?" Mark tells Holling to forget it, and says that he was just trying to make conversation. Holling, bless him, says, "Yeah, okay. Whatever." Holling said "whatever"! He then says that Mark's mom used to serve meatloaf with peas, not string beans (as Mark has done). Mark nods tolerantly.

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