Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Carter is sitting at the desk, looking like he's got a headache THIS BIG, when he's addressed by Dan Shine, the hematologist. Carter asks how Mr. Fazio's bone marrow biopsy went, and Dr. Shine says that his bone marrow is perfectly normal, and that Mr. Fazio's chart number was switched with that of another patient, Mr. Simpson (or, for our purposes, "Mr. Arnold"). Carter snappishly orders Randi to get Luka. Dr. Shine tells Carter that when Mr. Fazio found out that the leukaemia diagnosis was a mistake, he threatened to sue. "Oh, I'm sure he did," Carter replies ruefully. Eyeball appears at another side of the desk asking where Kerri is. Carter checks the board and tells Eyeball she's in the gynecology clinic. Eyeball, confused, repeats, "Gynecology clinic? I thought she was anemic." Carter very impatiently says that he didn't take care of Kerri, and tells Eyeball to go sit down. Eyeball spots Lisa walking toward him, and catches up with her, saying, "It says GYN by my wife's name -- is that right?" Lisa nervously glances at the board and evasively replies, "Why don't you have a seat, and I'll go check on her?" An increasingly inflamed Eyeball asks whether there's something wrong with Kerri that Lisa's not telling him. Lisa tells him that Kerri's fine, and Eyeball asks why, then, she's in gynecology: "Is she pregnant?" Plainly running out of ways to stall Eyeball, Lisa him he should really wait until his wife comes back. He says that he doesn't want her to wait anymore, and that he wants Lisa to tell him what's wrong with Kerri. Sensing trouble a-brewin', Carter gets off his stool and stands behind the desk, near Lisa and Eyeball. Lisa finally says she can't tell Eyeball what's wrong with Kerri, at which Eyeball is incredulous, but Carter backs Lisa up, saying that medical information must remain confidential. Which, I guess, is why patients' names and medical emergencies are written out for the delectation of anyone who knows how to read. Eyeball begs Lisa to tell him what's wrong, finally twigging: "She's not having an abortion, is she?" Lisa doesn't answer. Eyeball glances from Lisa to Carter and, breaking down, asks again, "Is she?" Lisa says that she can't say. Eyeball asks what floor the GYN clinic's on, and when Lisa doesn't answer, screams the question again. She tells him it's the ninth floor, and he takes off. Lisa looks down. Carter watches Eyeball running for the elevator, and is then joined by Luka, who asks if Carter had sent for him.

The next shot shows Mr. Arnold in bed with his arms crossed, asking Luka if it isn't possible that the diagnosis is "another mistake." Luka tells him they double-checked. Mr. Arnold asks, "How long?" Luka says that it's hard for him to say, but Mr. Arnold presses him for a "best guess." Luka tells him that, with a successful bone-marrow transplant, there's a 60% survival rate at five years. "Without one?" Mr. Arnold asks hopelessly. Luka says that, with chemotherapy alone, his chances are about half that. Mr. Arnold is shell-shocked, so Luka keeps talking, telling him that they'll do everything they can to find a donor, including typing his brothers and sisters. Mr. Arnold says that he doesn't have any brothers or sisters. Luka asks about his parents, and Mr. Arnold says he has an uncle. "That's good!" Luka says, attempting to sound happy, and adds that there's also Mr. Arnold's son (Kevin?). Mr. Arnold smiles feebly, and says, "He's only eight." Luka says that Kevin is probably Mr. Arnold's best chance. Mr. Arnold comments that he should probably call his wife, and Luka agrees that he should. You know that jackass Wayne is just going to ruin everything, somehow.

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