Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

On his way to break the bad news to Mr. Fazio, Carter runs into Elizabeth in the hall. She asks where Eli is, and Carter tells her that he thinks Benton took him up to the OR. "Benton?!" Elizabeth demands, and heads off looking for someone to kill.

Carter asks Mr. Fazio how he's feeling. He says that something's wrong, and that his back is going through spasms. Carter gently tells him that the X-ray didn't show any fractured vertebrae. Mr. Fazio bitterly says that that doesn't mean he isn't in pain. Carter agrees that Mr. Fazio must be in pain. Mr. Fazio says he can't work like this, and Carter gravely says that he doesn't think Mr. Fazio will be going back to work. A bit too excitedly, Mr. Fazio asks, "Yeah? For how long?" Carter takes a breath, and tells Mr. Fazio that he has leukaemia. Mr. Fazio laughs, "Come on! Get out of here! I fell off a freakin' ladder!" Carter says that hematology is coming down, but before he can continue, Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen knocks on a nearby glass window and calls him over to deal with a trauma.

In the trauma room, Chen and Lily are working on a ten-year-old girl in anaphylactic shock. To make a long recap marginally shorter, they need to do a fiberoptic intubation. Chen goes to do it but doesn't do it quite as quickly as Carter would like, so he very rudely shoves her out of the way to bag the patient instead, and then Chen pouts.

At his apartment, Mark ushers the nurse, Mrs. Fredriksson, out the door, apologizing for Holling and assuring her that he'll be better tomorrow. She testily replies that he couldn't be any worse. From within, we hear David "Holling" Greene yelling, "Is she gone?" Mrs. Fredriksson makes a "well, I never" face and continues on her way.

Inside, Holling leans in the kitchen doorway looking way, way more frail than he did last week; he's using both a cane and an oxygen tank. Mark tells him he'll be lucky if Mrs. Fredriksson comes back, and Holling sneers, "Speak for yourself." Mark says that they need her, and that someone has to be home when Mark can't be. Holling reminds him that Mrs. Fredriksson's presence wouldn't be required if Mark had let Holling go to the hospice as Holling himself had wanted. The camera pulls back to show a wider view of the living room, which is now dominated by a hospital bed. Various other boxes lie around the room; as they talk, Mark busies himself by unpacking them. Mark points out that if Holling were at the hospice, he'd be surrounded by strangers, but Holling argues, "They don't get much stranger than Nurse Von Bulow," and complains that the room looks like a "damn hospital" and that all the gear must be expensive. Mark, still unpacking boxes, tells Holling not to worry about that. Holling asks what Mark's taking out of the box, and Mark tells him it's a portable toilet. Horrified, Holling gasps, "You got me a -- a Johnny-on-the-Spot?" Mark wearily assures him that it's "just for convenience," but Holling declares that he has no intention of "taking a dump in [Mark's] living room," and that he's "not a damn invalid" and "can still make it to the bathroom." By now, Holling is quite agitated and is having trouble breathing, so Mark puts his arm around him and leads him to a chair, getting him some albuterol and promising to return the portable toilet.

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