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It's Thanksgiving at County. The nurses are looking at all those old photos, and it's a scene I've already recapped that initially ended with a pensive Carter staring off into space, and we were all wondering what he was thinking, especially with the advent of The Beard and all its inherent evils. But this time, we fade to Carter simply lying in bed with Kem, so I guess we'll never know if he was thinking about Abby, or the States, or Thanksgiving turkey, or why he's grown that downy hair down below. Instead, Carter's asking Kem to give us her backstory so that we will think she's a little angel who suffers. Kem explains that she returned to the Congo when her father was killed -- ambushed by Mai Mai rebels and shot in the head. He was an engineer who'd been working to upgrade the water supply and was on his way to fix a water main when he was killed simply for not being Mai Mai. Why is it that the crabby fucknuggets are always the ones who get guns? Kem starts to cry, and sniffles that she came back to settle his affairs. "He believed in the goodness of people," she says, snuggling against Carter's chest. "I came back for him."

We then make an incongruous cut into the hospital, where Carter is wheelchair-racing against a little sick boy. The mood shift is making me feel bipolar. Any second now I expect Abby to run up to me and try to forcefeed me some meds. Carter totally lets the kid win, and everyone cheers and claps, and Carter bows to him. Then he play-faints, and a couple kids tackle him and he giggles. Kem shows up and he stands up with a smile. But it fades when he finds out that Celine didn't show up for her regular testing.

Kem and Carter have Charles drive them to Celine's refugee camp. Kem exposits that she last saw Celine two weeks ago after her husband died, and that she was doing very well. "Something must have happened," Carter decides. Brilliant deduction, Watson. That's as tricky as coming to the conclusion that your refusal to shave has somehow magically turned your face into a Chia Pet. They hop out to try and spy Celine, and Carter stares across a river at a bunch of African families washing clothes and filing water jugs. That same pinched look of WHAAAAAAA? comes across his face, and I swear to God, I am so sick of everything catching him off-guard, like he hasn't already been here for six months. Carter suddenly spies Celine in the distance.

Celine's son is sick, as it turns out; he's gotten ill in the past week, and she was afraid to come in until he was better. Carter examines him, and we realize things aren't so good.

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