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Later, Carter tracks down Kem at her clinic and tells her about Celine -- apparently, she, her five-year-old son, and her eighteen-month-old baby are all positive for AIDS and living in a refugee camp. "She needs ARV drugs," he says. Kem realizes Carter wants to get Celine enrolled in the clinic's pilot program, and Carter points out that Celine's got no way to support her family when her husband inevitably dies. Kem then crushes Carter's dreams by explaining how lengthy and hard a process it can be to get someone into her two-hundred-person program, which is highly selective and requires promises that the people will adhere to regular checkups and the drug schedule, and Carter just listens to her say all this because her British accent is lilting and he wants to lick her. Kem explains that they have six full AIDS wards. "Who would you like me to exclude so I can take [Celine]?" she asks, throwing open a door. Carter enters and sees a room jammed with AIDS patients, adults and children alike, and he fixes on his face that look of total astonishment with which he has greeted every realization that Life In Africa Is Unpleasant. We fade to black wondering what's next -- shock that there's no Starbucks? Utter jaw-dropping amazement that Celine isn't TiVoing her favorite episodes of The Sopranos while she tends to her dying husband? SHEER and COMPLETE CONFUSION that there won't be snow in Africa this Christmastime?

County General. October, according to The Graphic Of We Like To Cover The Fact That Our Story Isn't Compelling By Playing Tricks With Time. Frank gives Luka a pack of AIDS drugs and thoughtfully shares with us that it's setting Luka back $1200. "Carter's paying me back," Luka says. Elizabeth, standing nearby, expresses interest that Carter needs those pills, and Luka explains that it's for a patient. "Say hello to him," Elizabeth smiles. Luka suggests that she write him a note and throw it into the package. Then he shovels Halloween candy into a bag and puts it in a courier envelope. "You're Kovac, right?" Sam says, approaching the front desk. Luka nods. "Med student needs you down the hall," she says, walking away all sullen. Wow, was she ever pleasant to be around? Luka seals the package and then lifts it up high over the counter so he can drop it...

...and we see it land in front of Carter on a cafeteria table. He's talking to a redheaded, matronly new addition who's from Boston, I think, based on the accent she appears to be affecting. It doesn't sound natural, so if it is, she needs either to immerse herself deeper in Boston culture or work like hell to lose it. "What is that?" Boston asks, scrunching her nose at what Angelique is eating. "Lasagna," Angelique says. "Made with potatoes?" Boston asks. Angelique grins. That actually doesn't sound so bad. Carter cracks open his package and peers into the candy bag. "Eeeexcellent," he says, à la Montgomery Burns, dumping the candy out onto the table. Everyone's psyched. A folded piece of paper drops out, and Angelique picks it up, because she's apparently confused as to the fact that a private package isn’t actually her business. "Who's Elizabeth?" she asks. "A friend from work," Carter says, taking back the note, which, from the looks of it, says, "Hi. A note. Elizabeth." Angelique asks if she's a blonde. Wow, Angelique knows Carter's past pretty damn well. Carter turns back to Boston and draws from her that she worked in a children's ward, so he drags her off to see Celine and her family.

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