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And now we're back to Kem opening her baubles from Carter; he asks her to return with him to the States. Kem looks touched. "Oh," she sighs, moved and uncertain. Carter climbs onto the bed and quietly explains that he's got to go back -- the letter from the lawyers is one he used to get infrequently, but which he now gets every few days. "My grandmother died nine months ago and I have to settle her estate," he explains to a semi-startled Kem. "Just some financial things I have to deal with." He explains that he ran away after she died. "Ran away from what?" Kem asks. "From myself," he replies. He snorts, as if acknowledging how silly that was. "It's hard to explain," he says. "I wasn't happy. Something was missing in my life." Kem regards him understandingly. God, if they gave an award for Best Internal Glow, Thandie Newton would rule the Emmys. She's so lovely it's appalling. Although she could use a steak. Ruefully, Kem says she can't leave her work. "It's my life, you know?" she says wistfully. Carter nods that he doesn't expect her to come forever -- just for a month or two. Except, didn't he want her to have the baby over there? I didn't go to medical school, but I'm pretty sure I can say that's closer to eight months away than one. But maybe I'm wrong, and recapping this show has just made me cocky. Carter wants her to meet his friends and see his life there, in addition to getting good prenatal care. "You've got a great staff. They'll be okay without you for a while," he says. But he doesn't know how long he has to be gone. "We'll figure it out together," he says. Music starts up as Carter leans in and whispers, "What was missing in my life...isn't missing anymore." What's that? A beard so righteous you could bury Gamma in it? Kem is moved by this compliment, and jams her tongue down Carter's throat to prove it. We end the episode assuming that her impromptu game of Throat Swab means she wants to join him, and that we'll be seeing her again as she gestates the Cartus. Or is it the Feter? ...No. That sounds too much like a Peter Benton fetus, and though that might be Carter's procreation dream, I think we're pretty much done with that guy.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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