Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

Props to Sars. Dude, she knows why.

A really, really long time ago on ER: a bunch of stuff happened that is not really relevant to this episode -- with the possible exception of Jen's telling Mark she was going to leave him. Which was good, because she was kind of frosty, and Mark didn't totally suck ass back then and actually deserved better. Back then, mind. Oh, and Benton fell asleep at his mom's house when he was supposed to be up early to take care of her, and she fell down the stairs and hurt herself. And called him "Petey." Which is cute.

A super in the lower right corner tells us it's 7:00 AM. The El rolls past an ambulance bay that's completely different than the one we've been seeing for the past several seasons, in that it's an actual ambulance bay at an actual Chicago hospital. Mark "Murphy's Law" Greene and "Dig" Doug Ross are tossing a football back and forth and yelling a play-by-play as they go. "Montana to Rice!" yells Mark. "They're on different teams," Doug corrects him, as an ambulance rolls by and Mark's pass sails over it (and I have to wonder how many takes there were before they got that shot). "Since when?" Mark asks. "We watched their last game at Carol's," says Doug. "That was way back," Mark says. I guess we're supposed to think that Doug's been to Carol's without Mark's knowledge in the interim, because Doug kind of drops the issue and tells Mark to "go long." Mark protests that he's out of shape, and tells Doug to go long instead. Doug obliges, and as he jogs away while looking back at Mark, a car comes squealing around the corner, headed straight for Doug. Doug lacks the premonition to squeal, "My face! My valuable face!" all Luke Perry-style. Mark screams, "Doug!" Doug, somehow not hearing the very loud car, cracks, "Too far for the Ivy-League arm?" (Mark went to an Ivy League school?) The camera zooms in on Mark's face, under his little-boyish quilted cap, as he screams, "Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!" (It's a nice shot. That Mimi Leder -- I think she's going places. Oh, who am I kidding? She's going to Poo It Forward. Poor Mimi.) Doug turns around in the nick of time and dives out of the path of the car, which swoops around and, without stopping, discharges a guy from the back seat before careening off. Doug bellows the word "butthead" after the driver ("butthead"?), and Mark, leaning over the discharged passenger, moans, "Not another one." He asks Doug to get a gurney. "I'm not playing catch with you anymore," Doug pouts.

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