Last Rites

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Last Rites

Props to deborah, Wendola, Kim, and Sars.

Previously on ER: Jeanie wanted to adopt a "child of colour with HIV." Anspaugh left the Chief of Staff job and Romano replaced him (and Weaver supported Romano's promotion). Carter started dating his former cousin-in-law, placed by Rebecca DeMornay. Benton and Carla fought over custody of Reese. Kovac felt that Weaver and Greene don't know if he's a good doctor (while the rest of us would happily waive malpractice suits if he'd just sit really close to us and read the phone book with that accent of his). Weaver told Lucy she couldn't mentor her because she didn't want others on her staff to think she was showing favouritism. Reggie proposed to Jeanie. Greene's mom died.

Elaine "The Slugger's Wife" Nichols, wearing an impractical-for-a-Chicago-autumn strappy dress wanders into the ER while various scenes of emergency medicine being...uh...practised unfold around her. She sort of sleepwalks past gurneys and stands in the hall as personnel brush past her, and generally looks like a disoriented Nosy Parker until she walks straight into a trauma room (um...hello?) and finds John Carter "The Unstoppable Sex Machine" stitching up some woman's arm. She props herself in the doorway and asks what time he's off. He looks up in surprised delight and asks what she's doing there, since it's almost midnight. She asks again when he's off, and he decisively says, "Now."

In San Diego, Mark "It's Not Easy Being" Greene rinses a plate while Ellen's mom from Ellen -- evidently playing one of his parents' neighbours -- gives him the status of various domestic tasks on her way out the door. She tells him she's sorry, and that his mother was a lovely woman. He thanks her and walks her out, then locks the door and pulls a blanket over a sleeping Rachel "Not The One Jennifer Aniston Plays" Greene.

Then Mark's outside throwing out some garbage while some kind of power tool runs in the garage. He strolls over and asks his dad, David "Holling" Greene, whether he isn't concerned about waking up the neighbours. Holling says they're all deaf. Mark asks what he's making. Holling says he'd promised Mark's mother he'd make her a linen chest. Mark says, "Okay. Goodnight." He starts to go, but Holling, looking distressed, stops him by telling him he gave a nice speech. Mark says he had good material. Holling agrees. Mark asks if Holling's going to be okay, and offers to stay a few more days. Holling doesn't say anything, so Mark prompts him: "Dad?" Holling says it doesn't seem real: "I buried my wife today."

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