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Day Ten. Graphic of This Show Loves To Skip Over Chunks Of Time. Carter's with Basinake, examining the same little girl who came in days ago with malaria. It's gotten more advanced, so Carter orders her a bed and some quinine. We're supposed to be impressed with how much more at-ease Carter is. And yet, we've watched enough TV to know that his comfort zone's about to get invaded again. Angelique grabs him and introduces him to two more extras who are fresh off the plane. "Damn, it's hot," one of them says jovially, upping his wage for this episode by a considerable amount. "And we've got a little bit of a breeze blowing today," Carter says, all cocksure and comfortable in making cracks at the newbies. Gillian is summoned to orient the two new extras, and she escorts them away, and potentially out of their trousers.

Angelique invites Carter to take an immunization team and deliver more vaccines to Matanda. He enthusiastically agrees, because his boy crush Luka is back there, and maybe they can bump chests or something. "You'll have to find a nurse who's willing to go with you," Angelique says. Carter's neck snaps to the left so he can stare at Gillian, and then he looks back to see Angelique grinning. He shrugs and then breaks into a giggle, shaking his head.

On Day Eleven, according to the Graphic Of I Can't Think Of Any More Names For These, Patrique drives Carter and Gillian to Matanda. They pass a village whose people are evacuating, carrying all their belongings on their shoulders as dead bodies lie by the side of the road, covered in tarps. People dig giant holes that will serve as mass graves. Carter gazes at them with Shocked Look #26: Maybe Gamma's Funeral Really Could Have Been Worse. Charles points to a convoy of cars and identifies them as government troops. "I grew up near here," Patrique interrupts, hollowly. "Everyone was so happy. It was beautiful. I wish you'd seen it then." He seems distraught, gutted. It's sad.

The truck parks outside another ratty building. This is Matanda, distinguishable only from Kisangani by the fact that Luka is there. Looking, you know, horrible. With the shirt open and the hair and the sweat, he's just awful. He does not, absolutely does not, make me want to grab my frozen Skyy Vodka bottle and shove it down my pants. The back doors open and Gillian hops out, stopping for a second to give Luka a lip twitch. He appreciates this. "What did you bring?" Luka says, still smirking at Gillian. Carter rattles off some vaccines and notices a long queue of people. "What are they waiting for?" he asks. "You," Luka answers.

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