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Luka is in what passes for the lounge, looking so hideous. The opposite of hot. And he's sweating. I bet he smells. Yeah, that's right. He's ugly and smelly. I need a Diet Coke. As Luka rubs his foul, foul temple, Carter plops down next to him. "When did you get here?" Luka asks. "Didn't you see the graphic?" Carter replies. "Six days ago." He asks how long Luka will stay, to which Luka replies that he's not sure. He's headed back to Matanda the next day because he has patients that can't be moved; he only came back this time to get supplies. Carter acts sort of disappointed that Luka didn't greet him with more fanfare.

Gillian enters in her trademark tight pants and tank. A moth dances near the lantern, and Carter gazes at it, rapt. Gillian refuses to make eye contact with Luka, who pointedly looks nowhere. "Welcome back," she says curtly. "Thank you," he says, amused, lips twitching in a really, um, unattractive way. I certainly don't want to lick them, that's for sure. Gillian sneers her way to the fridge, grabs a soda, and sits down opposite Carter. She pours vodka into two glasses. "I thought you might be upset about that boy," Gillian tells Carter kindly. She dilutes one glass with a lot of Pepsi and passes it to Carter, sloshing barely a drop into her own glass and gulping the vodka-heavy drink like a shot. Carter notices that Luka is going to a lot of trouble to stare at walls, and that Gillian is watching Luka without appearing to see him at all. Carter seems both amused and uninterested in all this interpersonal drama. Now he knows how we have felt about his life all season. Luka exhales a cloud of smoke. As Carter gingerly sips his drink, Gillian tersely packs away the booze, grabs the Pepsi, and storms away. "I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. And, I hope someone will join me," she says, darting a glance at Luka's back before leaving. I think she's pissed that they hooked up and yet he still disappeared to Matanda, leaving her without her nighttime comfort.

Carter drops his head onto his arms and then sits up again, weary. "How's Abby?" Luka asks him pointedly. "I didn't do anything with Gillian, I swear," Carter defends himself instantly. Luka bites back a snicker and says, "So you won't mind if I..." He says it as if he's fake-asking for permission, enjoying the fact that Carter doesn't know he's already Frenched her Canadian several times. Carter gives him leave to go get his jollies, because let's face it, Carter's not an idiot and he could tell Gillian was romancing Luka's stones. Luka puts out his cigarette and ambles away. "See you in the morning," he says. Carter sips from his glass, then holds it to his sweating forehead. We fade to black craving a swig of the vodka that's been chilling in my freezer.

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