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Carter grabs Angelique and gives her the bullet on Bee Man's bullet: It entered via the pit, passed through a lung, traversed the belly, and buried itself in his thigh. Damn. Odysseus wasn't that well-traveled. Carter once again wants to try something fancy, but Angelique blows him off, claiming that this guy's a waste of resources because he's all kinds of messed up. She grabs an instrument and basically cuts Bee Man's leg and rips out the bullet. It's nasty. You don't want details. She identifies the bullet as being from a Dragonov rifle, which does intense internal damage from close range, as if regular guns are only a step above water pistols when fired near a person's body. "So we're just going to let him die?" Carter grieves. "If I take him first, he's going to be at least five hours to stabilize, and then he'll probably die anyway," Angelique barks. "I have four hours of fuel left and three boys with injuries I can fix. Keep him stabilized. If the lights are still on, I'll come back." Carter glances at Bee Man's brother and sighs glumly.

Charles runs through the hospital, turning off all the lights. We dissolve to Angelique making Luka assist her on a particular procedure: "Now's as good a time as any to start your training as a vascular surgeon." Carter watches all of this while hunched over Bee Man. Gillian bags him. By which I mean, she's doing the thing where she pumps oxygen into his mouth, and not that she's working with his stinger. Carter is getting impatient, and they're running out of O-negative. "I could donate," Carter suggests. "You can't save the world," Gillian smiles. "Is that why you're here, working at The Ritz?" Carter asks. "Nah, I'm in it for the money," she chuckles. The lights cut out again. Carter curses, but they come on again, and apparently it's because they roll the generator to milk it for every last drop and sometimes it dims the lights. Okay. I'm getting a little bored.

Dissolve into more surgery. Angelique clamps the femoral artery on one patient and Luka gleefully reports that the foot has a strong pulse. He's very sweaty and dirty, and it's so...unattractive. God, he's so ugly when he's wet. Ugly. So ugly. Excuse me, I need some chocolate. Satisfied, Angelique grabs a fresh pair of gloves and progresses to the Bee Man. "Still alive?" she asks. "Barely," Carter says. "Prolonged hypotension. Could be eschemic." They have about half an hour of electricity left.

Bee Man is a bloody mess. They've cut him open and are chopping up all kinds of things while packing him with lap pads to absorb the blood. When they run out, they just wring dry the bloody ones and hope that will do it. It's pretty foul. They've fixed up the liver, removed the spleen and a chunk of lung, and need to repair the diaphragm and the bowels. Angelique staples the duodenum shut. Carter shoots her Stunned Look #72: You Can Do That With A Stapler? "Faster than sutures," Angelique says curtly. Then, the lights go off. "Out of time," Angelique says, like this is some kind of game show and Carter failed the lightning round and now he's going to have to go home with nothing but a spleen and some bowel fragments. "Leave him open. If he survives, I'll come back tomorrow and repair the bowel," Angelique says. Ew! Leave him open? So that a small family of insects can build a home in his abdomen? That's the worst idea ever. Carter fights it until Gillian notices that Bee Man is oozing blood from his gums and fingertips. Gillian loses his pulse, so Carter digs around inside his chest for the heart. He can't find it. Try the left side, Carter. The left. Under the ribs. Ah, there you go. He begins manual compressions while Angelique and Gillian watch in surprise; Luka wears a smirk. I guess that's supposed to mean that he's all jaded and he knows better. Angelique yells at Carter to stop this futility, and then stomps away, her braids all in a knot over this shameless display of dedication. By the light of dim lanterns, Carter perseveres for a few seconds, then sighs and realizes that Bee Man won't live to buzz another day. The brother looks distraught. "Tell him I'm sorry," Carter says with difficulty. "He knows," Gillian whispers, affected.

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