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A caravan of armed men, looking pretty annoyed with life, surrounds the area. "Mai Mai?" Carter whispers. Charles nods, and so Carter fumbles for his badge that identifies him as an aid worker. Tons of French words are thrown around. Charles explains that they're with the World Medical Group, while Pissy McUzi rails that they're in Mai Mai territory. Luka offers up some French (slurp) and it's ear-splitting agony (balm to my soul). But the Mai Mai have found the enemy soldier, and drag him toward their trucks. Carter tries to go to him, but gets restrained by a Mai Mai. French French. Charles and Luka both get guns shoved against their foreheads, the latter kicked down to his knees when the Mai Mai soldier gets offended by whatever French bubbled forth from those Croatian lips. Luka closes his eyes, tense, while Gillian begins to cry silently. Carter peers up at a soldier towering over him, but the glare from the bright sun obscures the face. He squints. Bright fiery light. Maybe it's God. Suddenly, though, God jams a gun to Carter's head, so maybe it's not Our Father after all. He always preferred a good stoning. Carter looks scared and nauseated by the gun barrel. French. The expression that washes across Carter's face -- orgasmic bliss, tempered by "Holy Crap" -- sadly resembles that of a man whose full bladder, ignoring reason and social decorum, has chosen to empty itself.

A boy spies Carter and summons Angry McPantywad. The boy is Bee Man's brother, and he recognizes that Carter tried really hard to save Bee Man. Patrique translates all this for me; otherwise I'd be completely lost and trying to claim that they're admiring Carter's pants. "Hello," the boy says to Carter, who peers up at him confusedly and still can't quite see anything. "Hello," he croaks. Shirty O'Pistol snaps the gun away from Carter, and it leaves a tiny mark on Noah Wyle's forehead, so that actor must've been jamming that thing right up in there. Hot. "Merci," calls out the boy. "Uh, you're welcome," Carter says. The soldiers all hightail it out of there, pausing to jostle Luka and smack Gillian to the ground. She immediately rights herself, crying harder than ever. Luka is a kettle of rage.

Two gunshots ring out behind them: The soldier is being executed. Gillian and Luka convulse, caught off-guard because it happens behind them, whereas Carter sees the whole thing and averts his eyes a second too late. A third shot hits the soldier in the head. Carter squeezes his eyes shut, turning red, while Gillian grabs onto her neck and weeps with abandon. Luka seems angry and upset. He meets Carter's gaze and seems to silently will his friend to keep it together. Carter's eyes are moist, but he stays as calm as he can, sinking slightly closer to the ground as the trucks pull away.

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