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Morning has broken. Carter's dirty. The amputee is sleeping with her head in her mother's lap, while Gillian's is resting next to Luka's groin. How unpleasant for her. I can't imagine a fresher hell. Carter checks the little girl's pulse and reports that it's strong, and that her stump looks clean and infection-free. "Should make a nice seat for a prosthetic," Carter smiles. Um, exactly where does he think she's going to get one? The stork? The Whoever Is Trying To Kill Them medical staff? Luka can do a lot of things but I'm not sure he can whittle a fake leg from a tree. Carter compliments Luka on a chop well done. "You look like you did it before," he laughs. "I have," Luka replies, silencing Carter, who isn't sure what to do and so chooses to stare at the nearby foliage. "In the beginning there's always a lot of talk about national pride, and patriotic speeches, but after a few weeks, it becomes this," Luka says, gesturing at the frightened people around them. "Nothing but death and sadness." He adds that these people just want their kids to live and laugh and be happy, and so they don't care who's running the country or how they're doing it. That sounds a bit revisionist to me. I'm politically ignorant, but I doubt these people were so ambivalent before the war. Luka admits as much later, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Carter says that Congo politics are way over his head. "You are an American, Carter," spits Luka condescendingly. "You believe that if people are given a chance to convert to democracy, the world will be a better place." Carter wonders what the alternative is -- military rule? An oligarchy? An autonomous collective with an Executive Officer of the Week? "You fight wars from the sky with bombs and missiles, and then the planes land and the pilots watch Drew Carey on satellite," Luka says. Hey, asshole, tell that to the families of people who died in the Gulf. Carter agrees with me. "But your children don't starve while your men fight," Luka says. "Your women aren't raped." I get his point, I do, but does that make it any less tragic that people died? Like, I wasn't sexually violated, so if my ex had been killed in the war, it wouldn't be that big a deal and I should quit my whining because at least I had dinner and my crotch is intact? I guess I just think this is extremely heavy-handed, and Luka comes across as so irritatingly superior, like he is the Oracle and Carter is twelve and stupid simply because he's American and his family is still alive. Except for Gamma.

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