Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Kerry asks softly, "Did you ever want to keep me?" Helen says, "Oh, of course! Cody and I had a whole plan. He was going to quit school, get work. There was a room over his parents' garage where we could live." Kerry turns away, tears in her eyes. Helen continues, "But in the end, you're fourteen, fifteen; you got no money. So, I came to believe that the best thing for you would be to be with people who could care for you and do things for you. It's true, right?" Kerry says she doesn't know. Helen tries to explain what she means, but Kerry understood the question. She says that she had two loving parents, but it still "always felt like rejection." Kerry asks if that makes sense. Helen says they took her so fast, and she never got to hold or even see her daughter. Kerry wipes away tears. Helen concludes, "And nobody ever told me anything about no birth defect." Kerry sniffles and says that when she was younger, she used to wonder if she was given away because she was "not quite perfect." Helen replies, "All Jesus' children are perfect!" Kerry changes the subject and asks about her father, Cody. Helen says that she never saw him again. Kerry is surprised. Helen says that when she heard he'd died, it "kinda pushed a button." Helen says she thought about Cody over the years, but not as much as she thought about Kerry. Just then, Kerry's beeper goes off. Kerry grabs it and says it's work.

Neela talks to the drug-seeking couple. The husband is upset that Neela won't give him the Demerol. Carter recognizes that the situation is escalating and joins them, and then calls Neela away. Neela tells him that the patient is still in pain. Carter asks if she explained that they already gave her Demerol, and then realizes that Neela was suckered into giving her a second shot.

Weaver practically skips back into the building and tells Jerry she's back. Jerry's hair is completely gray. That makes me feel old. Maybe it's for a part or something. Susan walks up and says that when she told Kerry to take a break, she didn't mean it literally. Weaver apologizes for having been gone so long. Susan says they're being slammed, and details everything that's going wrong. Frank sees Weaver and asks if she's going out again, and Weaver cheerfully says, "Yes!" Susan can't believe her ears. Haleh brings a chart up to Susan, for an "obnoxious bald guy," and Weaver offers to take it. Susan is confused, but accepts.

Weaver walks into Trauma Green, where Jake and Abby are giggling while suturing a patient. She tells them she's looking for an "obnoxious bald guy who needs suturing." Jake and Abby talk over each other nervously to point Kerry next door to Trauma Yellow. Kerry looks through the window in the door. The patient spots her and starts yelling that his head is throbbing and no one will give him any drugs. An incoming gurney gets slammed into him, just as Kerry shuts the blinds. What in the hell was that? Weird. I get that they're trying to point out the huge change in Kerry's attitude from earlier, but weird. Weaver notices that Jake and Abby's patient is Screwdriver Simon. Jake and Abby both start to explain why he's still there. Jake takes full responsibility. Weaver asks if Dubenko doesn't deserve a little of that responsibility, since he ordered all of those tests, adding, "I hear everything, Mr. Scanlon." Abby agrees, "She pretty much does." Weaver asks if there's any hope that the patient will be sent upstairs in their lifetime. Jake promises it'll be ten minutes, and Kerry thanks him, and then orders them to handle obnoxious bald guy when they're done. Kerry walks out, and Jake asks, "Does she have multiple personalities?"

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