Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Weaver walks down the sidewalk and into a church, where Helen's choir is rehearsing. She hesitates in the back, and then makes her way down the aisle to a pew and has a seat. She appears moved by the beautiful music. Helen spots her, and Kerry waves. Helen turns back to the task and finishes out the song.

Once it's over, Helen quickly walks over to Kerry and asks if it's already been two hours. Kerry says she just wanted to catch some of the rehearsal, and adds that it was beautiful. Helen says abruptly that she needs to get her coat. Kerry notices that many of the other choir members brought their families. Helen says, "I have two children -- two other children." She gives their details, and adds that she's divorced. Kerry says she always had an image of Helen living happily ever after with her family. Helen says that the end of her marriage was difficult, and that the church is what got her through it. Kerry looks away quickly. Helen says that she also owns an auto parts store. Kerry chuckles that it's unusual. Helen says it was part of the divorce settlement.

Kerry accidentally drops her crutch, and Helen grabs it for her, then asks why she needs it. Kerry is surprised she doesn't know, and says, "Congenital hip dysplasia. In common parlance, a birth defect." That's it? That's the reason? I always imagined it being something a lot more exciting, like the result of a girl gang initiation or a bad break from a motorcycle accident suffered in the Italian Alps. Helen says that means she caused it. Kerry says quickly that it's not so clear-cut. Helen looks away, upset, and then says she was thinking about what Kerry asked about why she waited so long to find her. Helen says she just recently got the news that Kerry's father died. Kerry, not getting it, says that her father died years ago. Helen explains that she means Kerry's birth father. Kerry looks like she never even considered the fact that she has a birth father, and stares in shock and disbelief. So that means it's time for a commercial.

Kerry and Helen walk through a park. Helen reports that Kerry's father's name was "Cody Boone," and that he was fifteen, while Helen was fourteen. Damn. ["Fourteen. NOT SEVEN, which is the actual age difference between Laura Innes and Frances Fisher." -- Wing Chun] Kerry clarifies that they met in South Carolina. Helen says her father had a miniature golf course in Myrtle Beach, and Cody worked there after school. Kerry asks for more details, and Helen says that she got pregnant, and that their parents pitched a fit, with good reason. Kerry adds, "And abortion wasn't legal." Helen says she never would have done that. She went to a home in Indiana, near her aunt, until Kerry was born.

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