Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Kerry shakes off her earlier emotion and starts a different conversational tack: "So, have you always lived in Indiana?" Now on more familiar conversational footing, Helen seems more comfortable as she explains that she's originally from South Carolina, and that she's in Chicago with her church choir, which was chosen to sing in the Christ Crusade festival. Kerry is taken aback by the whole Christ Crusade thing, but manages to ask when the concert is. Helen says it's the next day, and then checks her watch and realizes that she's been missing for a long time, and that her choir will be worried. Kerry seems concerned that Helen will disappear again. Helen says that she'd like to talk to Kerry again, and wants to call after her rehearsal. Kerry gives her the hospital phone number. As Kerry writes it down, Helen searches her face. Finally, Helen takes the number. Kerry asks nervously, "So you'll call?" Helen promises she will in a couple of hours, and then takes off. Kerry looks like a bus hit her.

Abby, Dubenko, Jake, Susan, and Sam are working on a patient, who appears to be crashing. Weaver walks in and cheerfully asks if their "drunk vs. screwdriver guy is having some more trouble." Susan says darkly that it isn't the screwdriver guy. Weaver, undeterred, says that she heard he was still in the ER, so she assumed there was some emergency keeping him there. Dubenko says that their current patient is "motorcycle vs. tree guy." Weaver tells Jake that the patient is bleeding in the head and belly, and asks what his plan is. Jake closes his eyes to think, and says that they need a quick head CT before going to the OR for an ex-lap. Weaver says, "Good call...if you want him to bleed out in the scanner." Abby and Susan both kind of roll their eyes, like, "Um, we're trying to save a patient here. It's hardly time for a pop quiz." Weaver continues to quiz Jake, who is busy working and can't answer. She asks Abby the question instead, and Abby says she doesn't know. Finally, Dubenko answers, and Weaver looks pissed.

As everyone continues working quickly, preparing to put in a chest tube, Weaver says to Jake, "Stop what you're doing. Have you even read about this procedure?" Jake is silent. Abby reports that she supervised Jake putting in a chest tube last week. Weaver asks if Abby taught him always to insert a gloved finger and feel lung tissue before inserting the tube. But halfway through the sentence, Weaver loses her cool and has to hesitate and stop herself from crying. Maybe she needs to take a break or something. Jake can't tell Weaver why he would do that, so Weaver lists off the reasons. Susan turns and says sternly, "Kerry, I think we can take this from here." Weaver realizes she's in over her head and says she's sure they can before stomping out. Everyone glances around, and Sam says smirkily, "That was fun." Susan asks Abby why Weaver is so pissed off at the two of them, and gets silence in reply.

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