Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Pratt examines Mrs. Devon, the elderly woman with Pick's Disease. Everything Pratt says, Mrs. Devon repeats back to him. Then, Mrs. Devon starts worrying about people arriving for a dinner party. Mrs. Devon's daughter, Charlotte, reassures her. Charlotte starts to explain why she brought her mother in, and Mrs. Devon leans quickly toward Darlene, startling her, and asks about a bathroom. Chuny takes Mrs. Devon to use the facilities. Charlotte continues her explanation, and says that her mother was preparing for an imaginary dinner party, and thought she was cutting chicken, but she was cutting her own hand. Damn. That's messed up. Pratt says they'll take care of the hand, and asks when the symptoms started. Charlotte says they started three years ago, and that they've cared for her mother at home, but doesn't know what to do now. Charlotte adds that she has three kids. Pratt offers no useful information, and just raises his eyebrows at Darlene.

Weaver heads over to Admit and checks in with Frank on some test results. She then asks Pratt about his Pick's Disease case, and he passes the question off to Darlene, who is sitting in front of a computer. Darlene recites the symptoms of Pick's Disease. Pratt cuts her off and says she did a good job. Weaver wonders if Darlene found that out through Pratt's teaching skills, or if she read it off the monitor in front of her. Pratt doesn't see why it matters, since Darlene learned. Weaver says that Darlene got the facts, but not how to handle the patients or the family. Pratt says that they'll suture the woman's hand as soon as that Ativan kicks in. Weaver asks about the family. Pratt says that Charlotte is trying to line up a skilled nursing facility. Weaver thinks Pratt should help. Pratt thinks that's a job for a social worker. Weaver tells him to dive in and see what he can do, as Pratt walks away. Weaver asks Sam if Mr. Screwdriver Stabbing was sent upstairs yet. Sam says evasively that Dubenko wanted a few things taken care of first.

Abby and Jake are in the drug lock-up. Ostensibly, they're working, but in reality, they're having a flirtatious conversation about whether or not Abby said "Let's polka" in her sleep a few nights ago. Abby playfully swats Jake and causes him to drop a bunch of IV bags, and they giggle as they pick them up. Weaver walks up and busts them. They both make excuses for what they were doing. Weaver asks why Screwdriver Simon hasn't gotten a bed yet. Jake claims to be working on it. Haleh walks up and tells Weaver that they have no record of Sharon Williams/Helen being at the hospital before, and when Haleh told her that, she became agitated and said she wanted to leave immediately. Weaver takes off to deal with it. Abby teases Jake about his lame excuses to Weaver.

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