Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Pratt and Darlene take off. Darlene says that she knows nothing about Pick's Disease, and then babbles while trying to remember if they covered it in the first or second year of medical school. Pratt sighs heavily as Darlene continues to babble through their entire walk down the hall.

Weaver examines the human piñata, who is drunkenly mumbling insults and swear words. Weaver and Abby roll the guy onto his side to examine the multiple puncture wounds. Dubenko and Jake walk in, and Dubenko cracks, "Regular or Philip's head?" Abby declares that there are at least twenty wounds, and that they're all superficial. Dubenko quizzes Jake on various items of medical terminology as he begins his own exam. Jake is not doing a very good job of answering the questions, which is interesting, since he always did well in the ER. Either he studied harder to impress Abby back then, or he's not getting enough time to study now. Things turn around when Weaver compliments Jake's answer about a pneumothorax, as does Dubenko.

After the exam is over, Dubenko wants to put the guy in the ICU for observation, but Weaver thinks he should get a regular room, because he's stable. Sam points out that ICU beds are hard to come by, and Weaver reiterates that the patient doesn't need one. Dubenko points out a number of problems that could crop up, and Weaver snaps at him as Susan walks in. Abby tries to offer up a compromise to keep the peace. Susan tells Weaver that the "lady with dyspnea, Sharon Williams," is asking for Kerry, and claims she saw her on an earlier visit. Weaver announces, "This Swiss cheese is stable! Let's get him a med-surg bed, and don't listen to any of Dr. Dubenko's suggestions." Dubenko starts to chase after Susan, who curtly tells him, "Don't start." Dubenko smarmily says that he'll leave it to the ER, but then orders Jake not to let them move the patient without "a foley, an NR, three crits, and a four-hour chest film." He starts to leave, but then turns back and tells Jake to "suture all the lacs." Jake says, disbelieving, "All twenty of them?" That's what Dubenko wants.

Haleh gives Weaver the bullet on Sharon Williams, who has good vitals and no history of asthma or emphysema. Weaver walks up and sees "Sharon," whom we now know as Helen from the opening scene. Helen says, "You're Dr. Weaver? Oh, I'm sorry. Of course you're Dr. Weaver." Weaver tries to get a history, but Helen is vague and insists that she can just leave. Weaver listens to Helen's lungs and asks questions, and then orders some tests and starts to leave. Helen calls out, "Dr. Weaver?" Kerry stops, and Helen just stares at her for a minute. Finally, after stammering for a few minutes, Helen says, "The daughter of a friend of mine is thinking about medical school. Do you like what you do?" Kerry says, "Very much." Helen asks if she always wanted to be a doctor, and Kerry says she has since she was a little girl. Helen says that Kerry was lucky to have the opportunity. Kerry, kindly, is kind of like, "What is your deal, lady?" Helen says, "I'm fine, Kerry. Really." Weaver blinks because she never told Helen her first name. Weirded out, she walks up to Haleh and asks her to pull Helen's records.

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