Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Now we're back at the scene from the opening, where Weaver walks across the street and enters a hotel lobby. She gets in an elevator and goes to Helen's room. Helen opens the door and lets Kerry in, and then gets flustered when she can't figure out the coffee maker. Helen says that you think about a day like this for a long time, and play out every scenario in your head. Kerry says that Helen didn't plan on this one. Helen asks, "Is it because I gave you up?" Kerry says it's not. Helen asks, "Is it because I didn't come looking for you for so many years?" Kerry says that Helen doesn't get to get over her feelings of guilt just because Kerry turned out all right. She adds, "If you're disappointed, it should be with the limitations of your faith, not in the way that I've lived my life." Helen says that she gave up her child for what she was told were all the right reasons. She thought about Kerry, but she came to realize that she'd broken her own heart, and that faith is the only thing that gave her hope and courage, so she can't give up faith too. Kerry asks simply, "Can you accept me for who I am?" Helen says, "I can love you, whoever you are." Kerry says he doesn't want love without acceptance. Helen thinks that over. Kerry looks completely at peace as she says, "It was so good to finally meet you." She moves forward and hugs her mother, who hugs her back. They both part, crying. Kerry walks out of the room and down the hallway.

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