Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Shane West reports to Carter that he found out that the drug-seeking couple is in the turkey files in a hospital in Cleveland. Neela says they won't cure her drug habit by denying her drugs today. Shane begs Carter to kick them out to appease Weaver. Carter tells Shane and Neela to watch and learn. Carter tells the patient that he hears she's still experiencing pain. The woman says it's better, but that one more shot would help. Shane says that she's already had two. Carter explains that when you use Demerol regularly, it's not as effective, and that you can grow dependent on it. And he would know. The husband asks if Carter is calling his wife a drug addict. The husband gets angry that Carter is accusing his wife of various things, and Shane tells Jerry to call Security. The husband finally takes a swing at Carter, who blocks it, and then punches the husband himself. The wife gets out of bed and goes after Carter. Shane tries to help by pulling her off Carter's back. The wife thanks him by grabbing a bedpan and clocking Shane right in the face. Hee! If only it were used. You know I just rewound that part like ten times. Neela grabs a bedpan of her own, chases down the wife, and raises the bedpan above her head. She stops herself and asks, "What in the hell am I doing?" Security shows up at that moment. Weaver asks Jerry, Frank, and Sam, who've been watching from the desk, who is winning. Sam says that Neela was about to deck somebody with a bedpan. Jerry says he's always wanted to see something like this, and Sam says it's hard to let go of a dream. Weaver asks if everything is under control. Frank says it is, and that he thought Weaver was gone for the day. Weaver says she thought she was, too.

Darlene pushes Mrs. Devon around in a wheelchair. Mrs. Devon calls for her daughter, and Darlene says that her daughter will be there soon. Pratt walks up and asks what's going on. Darlene reports that Charlotte had to pick up her kids. Mrs. Devon is still worried about her imaginary dinner party. Darlene continues to talk about the case, but Pratt spots Weaver walking by and takes off.

Pratt catches up to Weaver and brings her up to date on Mrs. Devon's case. He also says that he's willing to have Darlene assigned to him anytime. Weaver agrees that Darlene is good. Pratt says the paramedics are bringing in fisherman vs. horse, and Weaver chuckles.

Luka walks in as Weaver walks out. Weaver notices that he's early. Luka says that since he's on days and Sam's on nights, they try to get some time together when they can. Weaver looks thoughtful, and a little sad, as she walks out of the ambulance bay.

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