Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Shane West walks in, and Jerry comments that he's not working tonight. Shane says that Malarkey called in sick, so he was ordered to cover. Fucking Malarkey. Weaver asks Frank if he's seen Neela or Carter, and he hasn't. She hands the chart for the drug-seekers to Shane, telling him to review the chart and then kick them out.

Darlene goes over a list of skilled nursing facilities with Charlotte, who is very grateful. Weaver spots her and Darlene explains what she was doing. Weaver asks if Pratt is "remotely involved with this patient." Darlene says that they're swamped, and that Pratt is busy, but that he's involved, sort of.

Pratt checks out Darlene's suture work on Mrs. Devon, and is impressed, as is Chuny. Pratt grabs the chart to sign off, but Mrs. Devon drops a tissue box on the floor. Pratt picks it up. This goes on for a long time. Finally, Pratt realizes that he shouldn't give her back the box. He looks up and sees Weaver and Darlene smiling at him from behind the desk.

Weaver walks into the lounge, where Susan is working on charts. They make small talk about the weather. Susan can't believe that Weaver is really leaving. Weaver asks Susan if she remembers Sharon Williams, the patient from this morning. Susan does. Weaver admits that it's her birth mother. Susan is shocked. Weaver is giddy. Susan says she's happy for her, and then asks if it's weird. Weaver says it's a lot to take in, and while they've talked, Kerry still has many things to tell her. Weaver adds that she's going to go home and change, then go out to dinner. Susan tells her not to worry, that they've got it covered. Weaver says she'll stop by later, and heads out. She stops at the door and thanks Susan, who smiles.

Kerry and Helen have dinner in a nice restaurant. Kerry asks about photos of relatives, but Helen wants to hear about Kerry's childhood in Africa. Helen says the adoption agency told her that Kerry's family was involved in the church. Kerry says that while they were in Africa, her mother helped set up schools and her father was a civil engineer. Helen asks if she liked living there. Kerry says she was different for being white, so no one noticed the crutch. She adds that her parents were older, and their health wasn't great, so they had to move to Minneapolis when Kerry was twelve. They died when Kerry was in college. This is more information than we've gotten about Kerry total since her character was introduced. Helen is sad that Kerry's parents never got to see her become a doctor, and is sure they would have been proud of her. Helen adds, "I'm proud of you."

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