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Just As I Am

Previously on ER: Nobody knew Darlene existed. Susan started laying down some rules, and Pratt thought it was stupid. Jake finished his ER rotation, which meant Abby was no longer his supervisor, which meant they could totally do it.

Weaver stands outside in the frigid weather, staring at a building. She finally gathers her courage and crutches into the building -- a hotel -- with determination. She takes the elevator upstairs and heads to Room 415, but has to ask a room-service waiter where it is, so this is clearly her first time in the place. She knocks on a door, and calls out to someone named Helen. Frances Fisher answers the door, looking way less glamorous than she did on The Lyon's Den. Kerry says, "I don't want to leave it like this. The things that we said. Is this how you want to leave it? If it is, tell me and I'll go away like we never even met." Helen just stares, and before she answers, we crash to credits. This would be a lot more suspenseful if NBC hadn't put out tons of press releases about how Frances Fisher would be playing Kerry's birth mother this season. ["Seriously, because the writer obviously set up that scene to make us think that Helen could possibly be Weaver's lover. Also, I realize that Helen is supposed to have given birth really young, but she wasn't seven at the time. They should have really hired an older actor for the role." -- Wing Chun]

Sam and Susan walk through the falling snow toward work, discussing the weather. An overly cheerful Sam tries to catch a snowflake on her tongue, and then stares at one on her glove. She delivers a huge speech to Susan on the properties of snowflakes. It's nice, but it's not something anyone would actually say, especially Sam, who would probably say, "Snowflakes are cool and crap." Susan is like, "What's your damage, Ms. Cold Miser?" Sam explains that she and Luka were carried away while helping Alex with a school project. I think it's great that Sam got excited about learning and all. I kind of hope it leads to a storyline about her furthering her education now that Alex is a little older and Luka is around to help. But the whole speech just seemed memorized, and inconsistent with what we know about Sam.

As Sam and Susan walk through the waiting room, a young woman asks how much longer she'll have to wait. Sam walks back and peeks at the giant gash on the woman's leg. The woman explains that it was an ice-skating incident. Sam promises to check her in a couple of minutes, and she thanks them.

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