Just A Touch

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Just A Touch

Neela greets The Blue Puker and apologizes for taking so long to get to her. Blue Puker says she's been feeling cruddy -- nauseated and headachey -- and thought it was the flu until she lost the feeling in her hands and feet. "You're not here because of your skin?" Neela asks. The girl sweetly shakes her head and says that's a condition called ventricular arrhythmia, and I can't tell if that or the requisite drugs are making her skin blue, but either way, her hands in particular are a lovely Crayola color. "Know what the guys at school call me?" she asks, brightly. "Smurf." Dang, I was going to refer to her as Smurfette. Is that wrong? It probably is. It's tacky. But you know what? She's not real, so I can't make her cry. Smurfette it is.

Brunette's x-rays have come back, and Pratt tells her he can't see any signs of anything wrong with her. "It's probably just muscle strain," he says. "But I told you I didn't do anything!" she protests, suspiciously. Relax, your breasts aren't that nice, lady. He says that she might not have realized it at the time -- it might not have been a sudden movement, but just that she slept on one side a little awkwardly. "Try a warm bath with ibuprofen, and come back if the pain gets worse or you feel numbness," he says. Then he's called away to a seizure case.

Brunette flags down Sam and asks if she could please speak to Pratt's supervisor. Sam agrees, but en route to find Weaver, she sees Steve. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "I wanted to take you to lunch," he replies. "Where's Alex?" she demands. "He's showing one of the doctors his guitar." Sam spies him down the hall proudly displaying the instrument for Luka, and you can see her groan inwardly. Steve's confused about her reaction. "I can't just leave for lunch," she argues. "I asked Alex. He said it'd be all right," he says. "He's ten," Sam says flatly, and I laughed a little, because seriously, she's not wrong. The next line is a little bit heartbreaking: Alex looks up at Sam with total delight in his eyes and exclaims, "He did it! Dad said he'd buy me a guitar, and he did it!" Those are totally the words of a kid who's known a few empty promises in his life. I kind of wanted to hug him right then. An uncomfortable introduction of Steve to Luka follows, and Alex babbles on and on about Steve's being in a band, and teaching Alex to play, but Luka's called away. It's pretty amusing. A brown-haired nurse walks into the scene and says with yawning unconcern, "Luka, your little old lady stopped breathing again." She'd use the same tone to say, "Luka, there's a thread hanging from your lab coat." Luka excuses himself. Steve's kind of like, "Whoa, that's no good," until Alex pipes up, "People die in here all the time. It's no big deal." Steve's all proud that Alex is already sounding like a doctor, while Sam looks tempted to eat the first thing in sight just for the pleasure of throwing it up all over Steve's stubble.

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