Just A Touch

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Just A Touch

Weaver notices Luka nursing his arm wound, and orders Sam to dress it and check it for tetanus and HIV. The Bald Ranger promises to call her with any updates. Weaver stops him in the hall to state that the other important advantage she has over Clan Lopez is money, and lots of it, so she'll throw around whatever she has to in order to buy custody of Henry. Baldie promises to let the family know that, as it will certainly endear Kerry to them and entice them to cut a deal. Then, Weaver turns back around and catches sight of Malarkey clutching an ice-pack to his beleaguered balls. "What are you doing?" she gapes. "Icing my nads," he groans. She stares. "One of the patients grabbed my junk," he clarifies. The look on Weaver's face clearly says that, where Malarkey's concerned, the word "junk" is amazingly apt for the anatomical tragedy that is his nether region.

Sam quietly checks out Luka's arm with something that looks like a tiny whisk. I don't know. "So, Alex must be excited," Luka says conversationally. Sam freezes. "Spring break," Luka clarifies. Sam exhales and nods uncomfortably. Luka invites them out that night to the rock-and-roll bowling alley Alex has been chirping about, but Sam turns him down. Then, after a pause, she says as lightheartedly as she can that Alex's father has popped up again. "He does this every now and then, usually without warning. Kind of like a tornado," Sam babbles. "Wish he'd stay away for good." Luka tries hard not to look taken aback, but he can't help it; it always sucks when your girlfriend's baggage gets dropped on your foot. "Oh well. He's the boy's father," Luka smiles gamely. "Barely," snorts Sam. "He only sticks around long enough to run up my phone bill and drink all my beer." Luka swallows, and asks nonchalantly if Steve is staying with them. Sam doesn't answer, and the tension is so thick you could cut it with the knife that Alex will undoubtedly use one day to perform an autopsy on a playground squirrel.

Abby bursts in and cheerfully says, "Somebody call for a Psych consult?" Yes, we did -- for you, because you're upbeat, and that's what we had defined as "psychologically impossible." Luka and Sam jump to attention as Luka draws from Abby that she's just started her psych rotation. Wait, if the ER was doing its match list two episodes ago, presumably other departments were, too; isn't that a little too soon, if they haven't all finished their other rotations? I don't know. Maybe someone with med-school experience can explain this one to me on the forums, because I don't get why all our ER students seem to be doing rotations at different times, yet returning to the ER in between, and doing them after the match lists are compiled. Anyway, Abby grins to them that they shouldn't worry -- she keeps an extra hospital ID in her pocket in case anyone mistakes her for a patient. No one laughs, because it's so close to home that it actually moved into the guest bedroom and ate all the leftover lasagna in the fridge. "That was a joke," she explains. Sam smiles politely. Luka quickly leaves to take Abby to her patient. Sam looks sad. Abby looks curious. Sam looks worried. Abby looks really curious. A cat dies.

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