Just A Touch

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Just A Touch

Abby begs Weaver for more nursing shifts so that she doesn't have to drop out of school again. Weaver is crying. Abby softens. "You okay?" she asks. "Kerry, you have to take some time off to give yourself time to grieve!" Weaver shakes her head sadly and points out that she's too busy fighting to keep her son after losing her wife. Weaver tiredly tells Abby that she's been arguing with lawyers all day just to wangle one weekend with Henry. She's clearly emotionally spent. Abby asks if there's anything she can do, and seem genuinely distraught for Weaver; Kerry, in turn, offhandedly tells her that the registrar claims Abby's tuition is paid through graduation. Abby's flabbergasted.

Outside, Weaver signs an agreement that she'll return Henry to Casa Lopez before noon on Monday. Florina glares at her as she does it; Sandy's sympathetic brother, who is also kind of hot, hands over Henry and delights in the way Weaver lights up when she's with him. "Not all of us think the way my parents do," he says. "I know Sandy would be pissed if she knew what was happening. She'd be cursing up a storm." Weaver's heartened by this, but mostly just overjoyed to be holding her son. She kisses his cheek so that we get a full frontal of his face, and God, this show's good at getting cute babies. "I hope it works out for the two of you," the brother smiles. Think he'll be as nice and honest in court? I wonder.

Abby walks outside and stares up at a loitering Carter with a glint in her eye. "What are you doing?" she grins. "Waiting for an ambulance," he says innocently. "I'm not taking your money," she says. Apparently Carter overheard her and decided to pay her tuition for her, without asking. Which is nice, but also a little bit pushy. Someone digs playing God. Abby doesn't want to borrow from her friends, but Carter insists that he doesn't expect it back. "In the time it's taken us to have this little conversation, I've made your salary for the rest of your life, with interest," he says. I wanted to hate him for saying it that way, but I actually understand that he was trying to say, "I have a shitload of money I never intended to inherit, and this is a tiny chunk of change I won't even notice is gone, so it's all good." Abby seems to appreciate this logic, but vows to pay him back. Then she hops on the back of a motorcycle with some random dude who showed up to get her. What? This is weird. Even Carter's like, "Whaaa?"

When Rena wakes up, Pratt is with her. He gently explains that the intubation made her throat hurt. "Didn't think you'd come," she admits. "I said I would," he replies. "I think you said you'd call me, too," she says, but without bitterness. He smiles, and eventually cops -- with her prodding -- to the fact that he doesn't remember her. She doesn't mind, and we leave the episode on Pratt offering to contact Rena's mother. Who knows. It's a strange last two scenes. The whole episode had a lot of "meh" in it.

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