Just A Touch

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Just A Touch

Neela carries a tray of test tubes. Poindexter asks if she's bored yet. "I find it interesting," she says. "I prefer empirical data [to ER cases]." She totally sounds like she's parroting what other people think of her. As she smiles, she turns toward Yuri and promptly knocks into his coffee with the corner of his tray. It doesn't have a lid on it, so it spills all over his dead mouse. He accuses her of ruining his experiment and setting him back six weeks. Poindexter does point out that he shouldn't have coffee in the lab -- especially a lidless one, when lids are totally prolific at coffee places -- but Yuri pouts, "I always have coffee in the lab!" So? I always have Pop Tarts for breakfast. Doesn't make it right. Neela tries not to look discouraged.

Pratt briefs Abby on Seizure Mom, and Abby muses that her fake convulsions might be a subconscious form of postpartum depression. Pratt rubs her shoulders proudly and takes her to Seizure Mom's room, only to find that she's getting ready to leave. She's quite cold. Abby introduces herself, but Seizure stiffly says, "I told you I don't need a shrink. I have to go. My husband's waiting." And with that, she leaves, ignoring Pratt's plea for her to stay so they can help her. "That was my easiest consult all day," Abby observes.

Oh my God. I'm suddenly feeling like this episode will never end.

Sam is outside putting someone into a car. As she heads back inside, Luka stops her to show her some pictures from their camping weekend. She's thrilled with them, and they're cute snaps. "You can keep those -- I got double prints," he says adorably. She thanks him. Luka takes his leave, but Sam calls after him to apologize, "I didn't know he was coming." Luka blinks. "I'll see you tomorrow," he says. Sam watches him go, looking genuinely sad. I'm not sure why she wouldn't sack up and tell Steve that Luka is her boyfriend. Might help her deal with Steve better.

Pratt finds Elizabeth and asks her how Rena did in surgery. She's short a spleen, it seems, but otherwise very lucky. As they finish talking, Hot Dr. Lawson leans on the desk and flirts with Elizabeth about her long day. Then he asks her to dinner. "I can't tonight," she glows. "Can't eat?" he asks. "Not with you!" she giggles. Then she hears the elevator ding, and her face falls and turns pale. Lawson notices. Elizabeth tries to play it off like the approaching person is a very ill patient, and tries to get away, but she can't; sure enough, Minivan appears in the shot and begins to give her an affectionate hello that she successfully ducks out of without arousing his suspicion. Lawson's totally on to her game, though, and bids her a very stiff goodnight. Elizabeth looks like she wants to fall through any opening in the floor she can find, even if it sends her to the circle of Hell in which she'd have to relive in perpetuity her marriage to Mark. "What's with the James Bond routine?" Minivan asks. "He's English," Elizabeth says, hustling him into the elevator. "That's nice. A little taste of home," Minivan says. "Mmmm," Elizabeth says, facing the door so that she can freak out.

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