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Just A Touch

Next, Steve asks if Alex has friends, and Sam says he has a few. "That's good, considering how much you move around," Steve says, probably well aware of what a dig that is. "We go where the work is," Sam defends. Steve starts talking about how Chicago's great for that, but Sam cuts him off and demands to know how long he's planning to stay. "Sick of me already?" he says, with what he thinks is a charming smile, because he doesn't know that Josh Lucas is already the poor man's Matthew McConaughey -- which means Cole Hauser the broke, homeless, starving, flea-ridden, dumpster-diving man's Matthew McConaughey. Sam correctly observes that this isn't about her -- it's about Alex. "He seems happy I'm back," Steve says. "That's the problem. The longer you stay, the harder it's going to be on him when you leave," she says. I think she just created a huge problem for herself by calling him out on his bullshit. If he thought he had her fooled, he'd probably leave again in two days. Now, though, he stubbornly insists he won't leave this time. Sam blinks in irritation.

Pratt and Luka, while clearing the board, get around to discussing Seizure Mom. Pratt says that Medicine won't admit her, and Neurology doesn't believe she actually had a seizure. Luka thinks that since she didn't show typical symptoms of a seizure, they should discharge her and have her come for an outpatient EEG. Pratt points out that, with a baby at home, the stakes are higher if she passes out again. Since she's already waiting for a six-hour test to come back to rule out a heart problem, Pratt wants to give the EEG now.

Neela interrupts, basically just so that Luka can ask her when her research rotation starts. "Fifteen minutes," she says. "Good luck," Luka says. Neela toddles off, and I'm bored.

Pratt clears his throat and awkwardly asks Luka if it's awkward for him and the patient when he does a breast exam on an attractive woman. Luka nods as if this is a foregone conclusion, which is sort of interesting. "I'm just as nervous and uncomfortable as they are," Pratt says. "Maybe it comes across as something else." Luka is confused. "How do I do it so they don't think I'm enjoying myself?" he asks. Luka tells Pratt that he remembers it's just a clinical procedure, and Malarkey sails up to say that he imagines that the woman is his mother. "That always works. Unless your mom's hot, too," he giggles. Pratt calls him a freak. Pratt speaks the truth.

Neela's up in the lab, where a stereotypically geeky guy is taking her around what is obviously his domain. Poindexter uses all these really scientific words that mean nothing to me; the only interesting information is that he's an eighth-year Ph.D. student. "You don't get credit up here for wiping snotty noses. I've actually got to discover something new in neurology to get a degree. It takes a while." Perhaps he could use his high horse as a test subject. He introduces her to Yuri (hot Archie Kao from C.S.I.), their partner in the stroke study. Yeah, for Neela's sake, I hope Yuri is her partner in a stroke study, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. ...I'm talking about sex, see. Yuri smiles. But he's working over a mouse carcass. "No one said anything about working with animals," Neela says. "Is that a problem?" Yuri says, managing to make it sound like working with dead mice would be the dreamiest thing since eating ice cream off Luka's chest.

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