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Just A Touch

Pratt is with Seizure Woman, who wakes up and asks for her child. Pratt explains that she fainted at home, but that all her tests seem to check out; she confirms that she's not on medication for anything. She's got no history of palpitations at all. Seizure Mom does say that she got seizures as a kid, but that she grew out of them when she was in fifth grade and they never came back. Pratt's exam is interrupted by an angry Weaver, who insists on speaking to him right that second.

Outside the trauma room, Weaver asks Pratt whether he treated Brunette, and tells him that she basically accused him of sexual harassment. "What?" Pratt gapes. "Did you TUBE her, Pratt?" Weaver says with bitter relish. "That's what you call it, right, when you want to feel up a good-looking patient?" We fade to black as Pratt snorts in disbelief; although Pratt mouths off a lot and generally acts like a jerk, I don't think he's stupid, which he'd have to be very dumb indeed to talk so blithely and loudly about TUBE-ing a patient if he really intended to do it. But, Weaver knows him, so she's pretty sure he's a guilty little slug.

Back from the break, Weaver tells Pratt that Brunette could sue if she hires a lawyer. I love that County -- via Kerry -- never offers its employees any real support in these situations. Just scoldings, regardless of whether anyone did wrong. "If I'd found a lesion, I could've saved her life," Pratt correctly notes. "But you didn't," Weaver snots. Not the point, beeyotch. He didn't know he wasn't going to find one. "I'm being punished because she's not sick?" Pratt says angrily. Weaver says it's not about Brunette's condition -- it's about how Pratt behaved. He insists that he was fine, and that with tenderness in that spot and no prior mammograms, he thinks Weaver would've done the exact same examination. "It's not about what you did, it's about how you did it," she snaps. That's not the impression she gave Sam a few scenes ago. "The patient felt you were enjoying it," Weaver accuses. Pratt hisses, "Have you ever gotten turned on by a breast exam? Bet you don't even have a nurse with you when you do it!" Weaver counters, "I'm a woman." Pratt zings, "Who sleeps with other women." Ooh, point to Pratt. He insists that he's never done what Brunette accused him of, even though she thinks he created the expression. "I've overheard you using it a lot," she says. God, again a lie -- if that were true, she wouldn't have reacted to Malarkey with surprise and demanded to know where he got the phrase. Lord, she's a slippery one. Pratt points out that saying it as a joke doesn't mean he does it for real, and Weaver says it doesn't matter -- the woman felt intimiated. Pratt tries to play the "big black doctor" card, which irritates Kerry. "I'm not going to let you hide behind [race]," she insists. "I'm not going to," he steams. Weaver tries to ignore a phone call, but it's her lawyer, so she takes it.

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