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A cop enters to investigate an alleged assault on one of their patients, Mr. Doric. Luka and Pratt confirm that they took care of the victim, but deny any knowledge of treating another old man who might be the attacker. Pratt crosses his arms, trying to be macho in the shadow of foreign testosterone and failing miserably to beat the potency of Luka's cocktail. "This is serious," Officer Impatient says. "He could've died!" Pratt points out that Mr. Doric did not, in fact, perish, and they don't remember another old guy, so Officer Impatient should go look for the beef somewhere else because it ain't here.

Abby grabs Luka and admits that she did a hemocue -- that Luka didn't order -- on Rick, which revealed that his hemoglobin levels are too low. Luka tries to write this off as symptomatic of the flu, but Abby insists that Rick needs cultures and a proper work-up. Luka agrees resignedly to another hemocue and a CBC. Abby looks pleased with herself, but then remembers to look distantly concerned so that we'll all get head injuries from the amount that Foreshadowing -- or would that be Backshadowing? -- is beating us on the noggin.

Luka arrives in Jane's room just in time to see that she's twitching and not breathing. "She bit her tongue," panics Erin, who looks way out of her league here. "CT was backed up and I was waiting for them to call." Luka bristles. "How long were you planning to wait?" he barks. They protect Jane's tongue with a depressor while Luka tells them to call upstairs and prepare them for the imminent onslaught of Castle CT. Chuny interrupts to drag him to Rick's bedside. "Pulmonary edema," she says.

In Trauma Yellow, Rick shimmies out of his wheelchair and onto the table. He's wearing an oxygen mask, and damn, you know you're cute if you can look tasty in one of those. Cynthia is confused. She is basically confused throughout the entire episode. Nothing makes sense to this girl. "His lungs are filled with fluid," Luka informs her. "What's that mean?" she worries. Does it matter? It's bad! Even my Supernintendo Chalmers action figure knows it's bad. He's clutching his clipboard with dread. Luka shrugs that they're not completely sure what's wrong with Rick. Luka looks clammy, and he's blinking hard again, a tic that's increased the further back in time we've gone. I think this is Goran Visnjic's way of communicating that Luka's working through a hangover that gradually got better throughout the day. It's a pretty subtle touch, and I like it. Erin pokes her head in and asks if Luka wants to help her storm Castle CT, and he does, because nothing gets the endorphins flowing like a good onslaught. "You're not leaving, are you?" Cynthia frets. "I'll be right back," Luka promises. As he leaves, the Eerie Music of What The Hell Could Happen Next? plays.

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