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The Flash of the Pooch Getting In the Car And Going To A By-The-Hour Hotel For Some Hot Screwing Action. Inside the elevator, we pan across a motley crew of extras in ugly hats. Never has a group of people needed so badly to ride the love train to The Gap. "An operation could save her, but we have to catch it in time," Luka whispers sternly to Erin. "I didn't realize..." Erin begins, but Luka interrupts that he needs to know she'll do what he asks, when he asks for it, and yes, that is fairly sexual, and that whatever transpires outside hospital walls can't affect their work. "Is this about last night?" she demands. No. It's about a girl who needed something you didn't do. Listen, Erin, and stop trying to make us stay tuned. "I'm just trying to get through a shift," Luka retorts, his voice strained.

Luka exits the elevator and runs into Abby. "What took you so long?" she asks. "I had a patient who needed a CT," he says. That would be Jane. Not that I'm invested in her at all. They head into Trauma Yellow, where Rick's lying on a table. Luka tells him they're intubating so that he can breathe better. Rick nods tiredly, because he was in the other scenes and he knows how it all ends. All this hoo-ha confuses Cynthia. "Call my folks," Rick whispers. "If you need money, hock the ring." Cynthia shushes him, but lovingly, and a bit tearfully. Rick is so cute. I'd like to be in a Rick-Gallant sandwich. Yum. But suddenly, Rick starts frothing at the mouth, and he looks less tasty and more rabid. Luka hurriedly tries to tube him, but complains that he can't see well enough. "Is something going wrong?" duhs Cynthia, as if up to this point all the wheezing and frothing were just the usual weekend antics. Luka grabs another skinny tube and explains to Erin that he's trying another way of reaching the cords. "What's happening?" Cynthia demands. Luka makes Chuny escort her outside, because the doctors on this show always remember too late that family members in the trauma room are never, ever helpful. Meticulously, Luka tubes him, then tears off his gloves and exhales. For the record, we don't see him listen over Rick's stomach, but the people on the time-travel trigger are pretty quick with it, so they don't really give Luka time to consciously not do this.

The Flash of A Few Other Storylines Rearing Their Ugly Heads. You know, I could save a lot of time by just writing, "Luka is hot and Erin is annoying. People are sick. Flash! Luka is still hot and Erin is still annoying. People are less sick than they were a second ago. Flash! Luka is hot and all is well." Sigh. I wish Luka would flash me. Anyway, Frank strolls the halls in his Santa costume, and Pratt obnoxiously asks if he's going to dress like that every day. "Why not? You dress like a doctor," spits Frank. Hee. Luka is behind the front desk asking for a bunch of tox screens and tests results, while Yosh and Frank banter about Yosh's broken Menorah. It's pretty boring. Trivia buffs, take note that Yosh converted to Judaism. Luka is trying to get people's attention to ask about patients who need treatment, but no one's answering, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, other people on this show are self-absorbed, too.

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