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Erin chases down Luka as he walks to his shiny Dodge Penis. She invites him to grab a coffee with her. "I could use some company, and I thought you might, too," she suggests. Luka apologizes for what happened in the elevator -- yet another thing we can add to the "wait and see" list -- but Erin waves it off and ascribes it to the crappy day they both had. Luka turns to her. "Maybe I gave you the wrong idea last night," he begins. I should've recapped this episode backwards. Doing it the way it aired, I'm finding that I lose patience with all the vague stuff that's supposed to pique our curiosity. Every scene has an annoying non-specific quality to it. Erin shakes her head. "Not at all," she says sincerely. "Good night, then," he says as a dismissal. But Erin needs a ride home. And I think we all know how that ended.

The Flash of The Screwed Pooch Has Collected Its Money Off The Dresser and Snuck Out Of the Hotel Room. Chuny, Susan, and Erin are with Rick, who's as unconscious as he was the last time we saw him. Abby creeps into the room glumly. "How long was he waiting?" Susan asks. Abby shrugs. Erin wants to stay and help, but Susan sends her home, knowing there's nothing left to do. Once it's just her, Rick, and Abby in the room, Susan allows her frustration to come to the fore and she grills Abby about what went on in there. "Luka thought he had the flu," Abby says helplessly. Susan asks whether Luka listened over the stomach after intubation. "I don't know," Abby says defensively. "Did he use the antietal CO2 detector?" Susan presses. Abby still doesn't know. "He would've had another few years. Ten, if he's lucky," Susan rants. Abby counters that Rick was sicker than he seemed, and a lot sicker than anybody would've intuited. This doesn't comfort Susan, because if it did, we wouldn't have any festering anti-Luka sentiment, and that's the whole point of this episode.

The Flash of The Pooch Lighting Its Post-Coital Cigarette. Luka is criking Rick -- poking a hole in his throat and pumping oxygen through it -- because there's too much blood building up in his throat. Or something. Luka twitches a little and blinks hard to concentrate. "You're in the pre-tracheal space," complains Susan. I hate people who invade my personal pre-tracheal space. Luka seems frustrated as they open a crash cart and someone announces that there's "desevered posturing," which makes it sound like Rick failed his deportment class test. Erin senses that the home audience doesn't know what's going on with this poor kid, so she shouts, "Posturing? From cerebral hypoxia? So it's brain damage?" Luka and Susan glare at her for being so Ron Obvious about it all. "I'll go talk to the girlfriend," Susan offers. "I'll do it," snaps Luka. Susan starts to warn him off, but he barks that he said he'd do it, and trots away.

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