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Luka reports to Erin that the father's hip is jacked and Dwayne's not breathing too well. He roots through his trunk in frustration as Erin chips in that the paramedics are less than five minutes away. "I thought I had a tool kit!" curses Luka, pissed because all he wants here is to fix the people he just broke. "I can't believe you did this," Erin complains helpfully. Luka spits that he needs pliers to elevate the broken bone; she offers up a suture kit, the presence of which in her bag will probably be explained on our exciting journey back through time, and yet oddly, I don't have the energy to be interested in that particular wrinkle. Luka runs to the other car as Erin trots after him with the kit in her hand.

"This might hurt a little," Luka says to Dwayne, who isn't conscious and therefore can't hear him. The dad wants Luka to drug up Dwayne, but alas, there are no drugs. Outside the car, rooting around the kit for the scalpel, Erin suddenly closes her eyes woozily and exhales slowly. "You should sit down," Luka orders her. She shakes it off and hands him the scalpel. As the father begs Dwayne to wake up, Luka promptly cuts into Dwayne's neck. Ah, that did it -- Dwayne's eyes fly right open. And then he screams, because holy shit, there's a knife in his neck. The dad freaks and looks away, tempted to puke. Come on, NBC Vomit Comet! But, nothing. Luka takes tweezers and digs them into the hole he's made, rooting around for the hanging bone. Dwayne's all, "Oh my sweet holy GOD this pain isn't Earthly," and then his lips start turning blue because he can't breathe. The paramedics arrive, and Luka and Erin give them the bullet while Luka cranks on Dwayne's collarbone. With a crunching noise, he elevates it, and Dwayne audibly resumes normal breathing patterns.

The medics load Dwayne into a rig with his father, and it pulls away. Erin wanders away to get some saline while the medic asks if Luka tended to the people in the other car. "It was just us," he says. "'Us'?" the medic asks. Luka whirls around and sees Erin in a crumpled heap on the snow. "Erin!" he yells. Yes, that's Erin. Harkins, med student...we covered this. They flock to her. "She complained of right-side pain, [it] may be a liver laceration," Luka shouts. He barks out a few instructions. "Who was driving?" the medic asks. "I was," Luka answers.

Inside the rig, Erin's not responsive to touch and her blood pressure is down. Luka can't hear anything with the stethoscope and demands an angiocath. The medic objects; dueling medical banter ensues, the result being that Luka jabs a needle into Erin's chest against the paramedic's wishes. Of course, it stabilizes her. Luka then stands up to accept the Doug Ross Memorial "Rogue Doctors Always Win" Award for Best Wanton Disregard for Other Medical Professionals. "I'd like to thank reverse peristalsis for this award. Without it, the writers couldn't have regurgitated an old character," Luka beams, caressing the trophy, which is a bronze middle finger. Then Luka glares at the medic, his eyes searing and dark, and he scoots backward in his seat, leaning against the rig doors and staring out the back windows. The light is dim; all we see is gleaming blood streaming down the right side of his face.

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