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The Flash of The Part That Made The Episode Promos Look More Interesting. Frank's now holding his Santa suit. That's awesome! See how we went back from Frank in the suit to Frank holding the suit? I knew it all began that way! "I don't know if you're the Santa type," Abby muses. "What, too sexy?" Frank barks. Weaver appears long enough to run down how busy the ER is today, and to remind us that yes, her hair is the worse for the Weavus. She wants Carter to stick around. "He's catching a plane," Abby says. Weaver has an admin meeting, so she can't stay; she wants Abby to call Luka. "Not a good idea," Abby warns her. "Call him," Weaver insists. Abby lies that he seemed to be coming down with something. At first I thought she was stupid for not saying flat out that Luka was wasted the night before, but I suspect she was being political because Weaver probably wasn't invited to Susan's little shindig.

Luka's phone rings. A wet-haired Erin ducks out from the bathroom in a black bra and black pants, and proceeds to slip into her light-colored shirt. Over her black bra. Black bra, light shirt. Does she not see a problem with this? Hurriedly, she grabs the phone. "Hello?" she whispers. On the other end, Abby jerks upright and asks for Luka with an amused scowl on her face. "Yeah, uh, he's asleep," Erin says quietly. "Who's this?" Abby asks, curiously. Erin winces, panicked. "Just a sec," she whispers desperately, poking Luka awake and rolling him over. Luka visibly shrivels inside himself and tries to cover his eyes. He then blinks hard and stares at her, as if trying to recognize her and then figure out why the hell she's in his bedroom with a black bra on under a light-colored shirt. Then Luka rubs his eyes and stares at the phone like it's a foreign and unwelcome object, because he's Unfrozen Caveman Boozehound. "Yeah," he grunts into the receiver. "Who was that?" Abby needles him. Luka again peeks at Erin as if he's forgotten who she is. Abby fills the silence by sharing that Weaver wants him right there, right now. "I'm off," he croaks. "I know. We're swamped," Abby apologizes. "Just a couple hours." A passing Weaver snaps, "I didn't promise that." Luka refuses to come in, so Weaver grabs the phone. "Get your ass in here!" she shouts, tossing the phone back to Abby when she's done. Hee. She's sassy and evil. "Sorry," Abby whispers to Luka. He sighs heavily and hangs up on her, letting his arm and the phone drop limply onto the bed. "Shouldn't have answered that, right?" Erin says guiltily.

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