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The Flash of That Other Other Storyline In This Episode. In Trauma Yellow, Crazy Old Assailant moans, "Did the police come?" Pratt snappily says they probably will, because COA beat somebody up. Luka enters to check out COA. "He's fine, but worried about being ratted out," Pratt says. COA mutters that nobody understands that he did nothing wrong. Luka points out that he did jump another person, seemingly unprovoked. "Are you Jewish?" COA croaks. "No," Luka says. "Then you can't understand," says COA. "I haven't seen him for sixty years, and then I see him on my own street, an old man like me. But that face, I'll never forget." Apparently, Mr. Doric worked for a Gestapo-like organization that rooted out and turned over Jews to the Nazis, and he helped bust COA's entire family. COA ran home to warm them but it was too late; they all got shipped off to a concentration camp, and he never saw any of them again. Luka looks sad. Erin interrupts to say that Chen got called away before they could jointly work up Jane. Luka blinks in confusion. "The hockey girl," she clarifies. Luka blinks again and then tells her to get started; he'll join her momentarily. COA says that he saw Doric laughing at the bus stop and couldn't control his rage. Pratt's skeptical of how COA could be sure, after sixty years, that it was the same man. "Some things stay in your head forever," COA intones. An anvil knocks Luka on the head to try and dispute that theory, but sadly, Luka still broods. COA begs them to help him so he doesn't go to jail; Luka rips off his gloves with somber intensity and exits. He's so good at removing his gloves. Seriously! He's done it enough in this episode, and it's always punctuating a scene with the right tone. And at least he's tearing off something, dammit.

The Flash of Here's Where It All Went To Hell. Abby waits outside for an incoming trauma, and spies Chen crossing the snowy ambulance bay. "Didn't know you were on today," Abby says pleasantly. "I got the call from Weaver," Chen says, amused. "Oh, too bad for you," Abby says. Chen is carrying a really cute black purse with a big red flower on it. Damn, I'm recapping my own envy, and apparently it's floral. Chen whispers mischievously that the big gossip of the day is Erin and Luka dancing and then leaving Susan's party together. Abby looks taken aback. "So? I was dancing with Yosh," Abby scoffs with a snicker. Luka slips through the sliding glass doors at this point, and Chen greets him too brightly. He responds by emotionlessly giving her the bullet on a patient she's to deal with -- Jane, I think -- and Chen disappears inside. "That wasn't so bad," Abby offers. "A couple hours saving lives and you're back on the streets." Luka complains that he feels like crap. "You don't look so good, either," she giggles. "Thanks a lot," he grins, and oh, hello, teeth. I'd like to suck on you.

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