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Erin returns to Luka, who's in with Mr. Doric. Suddenly, an old man in Trauma Yellow starts screaming, "That's him! Don't help him! Let him die!" "Shut up," Doric bellows. The guy in Trauma Yellow is still shrieking and flailing his arms in an unintentionally comical display. It's The Grumpiest Old Men: So Grumpy, It's Dangerous. Doric insists the other man is just insane, and Pratt and Luka glare at him hatefully. Interesting. By which I mean, "Feh."

The Flash of That Other Storyline In This Episode . Erin and Luka are treating Jane, who's complaining of a headache and trying to downplay the whole thing. Luka makes her stand and try to walk; when she does, she stumbles a little and Erin has to catch her. Next, Luka makes her hold out her arms and maintain balance, and the girl fails this test, too, falling dizzily against Erin. Erin and Luka exchange "aw, shit" looks. Luka cutely prods Jane into admitting that, at hockey practice, her helmet flew off after a rough check. The coach had her sit out, but she wanted to keep playing, so she pretended to be fine. "Make sure she gets a CT," Luka says. And again, the dialogue's all jacked because the episode's in reverse. If this was playing out properly, he'd have treated her like a non-moron and just said, "Order a head CT." But because we already know she didn't act soon enough, we get, "Do not under any circumstances, no matter what they might be, refrain from getting her a head CT." This show makes me tired. Jane begs them not to tell her father what happened because he'll make her stop playing hockey. "We'll just get you better, okay?" Luka promises. Jane's dad enters with some hot cocoa for her. Aw. Can I have some?

Erin asks Luka if he's headed out yet, but he's going to wait until Jane's out the door first. "Just get the girl a CT," he says tiredly. Erin charges off to do it and encounters an adorable Gallant. "Hey," he says awkwardly. He asks if she's ever seen some funky medical thing, because he's got one she can ogle, and the subtext of this scene is so clearly, "Have you ever seen a well-hung man? Because if you come behind Curtain Two, I can show you the world's hottest curtain rod." Erin expresses interest in seeing whatever disease Gallant's putting on display, but not until after she's done the CT. After. The. CT. Always prioritize the CT. "Hey, so how long did you stay at Susan's?" Gallant asks to keep her from speeding away. "Not very," Erin shrugs. "I missed my dance," he smiles sweetly. Mount him! I'm not an Erin lover, but come on, how can you not want to get on that and ride it until dawn? "Sorry about that," she says obliviously. "Next time, I promise!" And with that, she trucks off into the distance, leaving Gallant looking shy and a little let down.

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