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Here And There

Previously on ER: Michael Gallant was deployed to Iraq. He and had Neela had flirted but never got together until he kissed her as a farewell. And Luka fell in love with a courageous young recapper named Heathen, but their passion could never be -- her workday wouldn't allow it -- so she set him free. Incidentally, I didn't watch a single episode after I stopped recapping, so please forgive me for any massive ignorance of the nuances of what's happened since that day.

We pick up the episode with Susan, Pratt, and Neela. As they pop out of the ER doors, Susan is in the act of asking whether Neela has heard from Gallant. Immediately, I'm struck by how much this feels like the script's second scene, like a real beginning piece was trimmed somewhere in the edit. The question comes out of nowhere and feels clipped, like we're in the middle of a conversation. Neela says that she and Gallant have exchanged emails, but that his internet is down now. God, she's so calm about it. I would be running around smacking my head against the wall, hoping it created visions of web pages before my desperate eyes. And when I say, "would be," I mean, "If the welt on my forehead was any indication, I did that once at work." Pratt asks if Gallant is okay, and Susan asks Neela to pass along their regards. Neela smiles.

Across the world, it's daytime in Iraq, and one Michael Gallant has grown himself an extensively groomed mustache. I am unspeakably disappointed in him. He still looks cute, but...unless you're Tom Selleck and your mustache is a more beloved actor than you are, or you're Ned Flanders and the mustache is a jungle of godliness, then mustaches are not your friend. Gallant is watching an ambulance drive away. "Another bad guy saved, huh?" asks a nurse. She looks like a cross between Lili Taylor and Cate Blanchett. I'm going to call her Lili, since Cate Blanchett is way too busy to participate in this recap. Gallant does something with his gun that is kind of hot -- our boy is all grown up! -- and tells Lili that the aforementioned "bad guy" got dispatched to a local hospital. "Need me to re-dress that?" Lili asks, putting her hand on Gallant's arm. We pan down to see that he's got a big bandage on it. Her hand lingers there, which seems a bit like treating someone's wounded knee by grabbing it while saying, "Does it hurt when people grab it?" The Mustache is frowning. "I'll get it," Gallant says, leaving. Lili looks all drooly. Yeah, drink it in, girlie.

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