Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

Props to Kisle, Pamie, Jenga, and Wendola. Extra-special mad props to Sars, for being so understanding at the lateness of this recap (it was my birthday!), and to Glark, for tolerating my outbursts as I watched the episode the first time.

Previously on ER: Carol is pregnant. She doesn't want to be a single mother. She's having twins. Holling takes a later flight and Mark sasses him. Carol's ankles are swollen. I marvel at her courage at being the first woman to ever give birth to twins. Luka touches her belly. Wait, that thing about marvelling and courage never happened.

As Bruce Cockburn's "Wondering Where the Lions Are" plays, Carol "Beached Female" Hathaway gets up at the sound of her alarm and grumbles out of bed and into the bathroom. She steps on the scale and uses a hand mirror to read the number which, when she sees it, makes her groan again. I yell at the TV, "You're not fat, YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Glark says something that may have been, "Here we go," and may have been, "Fuck." Carol showers. She appears at her front door all bundled up and carrying a pie. She sleeps on the El, nearly missing her stop but narrowly making it. She trucks down the stairs, stumbling on the penultimate one and causing her pie to pitch onto the sidewalk. She regards it for a moment, then surreptitiously kicks it into the gutter, which was kind of funny. In the ambulance bay, she runs into Cleo "In Your Face...And Everyone Else's" Finch, who is skipping rope. Carol says, "I used to be that thin, you know." Cleo chuckles. I yell, "Shut UP!" Inside the hospital, Kerry "Where Have All the Hawkeyes Gone?" Weaver irrigates a wound in the hand of a man who explains that "the bitch" stabbed him through a turkey while he was stuffing it. Kerry says she thought yesterday was Carol's last day, and Carol says she still needs to show Lydia how to do the productivity report. Malik tells her that Lydia's already left. Randi reminds Carol that she was supposed to be at the hospital at eight, Carol whines that she had to sleep and that Lydia should have called her, and Malik tells her that Lydia figured Carol wanted to bail and she didn't want to bother her. Carol whines some more and Weaver tells her to go home. I can really see Weaver's point, and would be all for that if I didn't know the cameras are going to follow her there anyway. Conni tells Carol they're just about to have the potluck and she should stay, but Carol says that she's going to go take a nap instead. Malik asks after the dessert Carol was supposed to bring, and she tells him it's "a casualty of the pregnancy." Back in the ambulance bay, John "Rosalynn" Carter and Chuny throw snowballs at each other. Carol warns them not to involve her. Back at the foot of the stairs leading to the El, a dog eats Carol's pie. She addresses the dog: "I'm glad you're enjoying it." Oh, let the dog have the pie. Carol jogs to make her train; as soon as she sits down, her water breaks. "Oh my God," she says. "Oh my Lanta," I reply.

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