Four Corners

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Four Corners

Benton brusquely charges into the trauma room and takes over Zombie's treatment; Kerry feebly tries to participate, but Luka politely insists they have the situation under control. Weaver slowly departs.

Newly clean, Weaver encounters Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen in the hallway treating a mild head wound. "I never got the chance to thank you," Chen says sweetly, her beaming face aglow with gratitude. "I got my Chief Resident confirmation. I won't let you down." Kerry distractedly mutters, "I'm sure you won't," and tries to proceed, but catches sight of a woman wailing at Luka with palpable grief. Kerry stops walking, unable to find a low-stress place in which to clear her mind. "We should sue that Scottish bastard," blurts Chen's patient. Kerry whirls around, because Lesgaspi's uncle's college roommate was a Scottish bastard and she doesn't appreciate the reminder, thank you very much. "That sleazebag host will say anything to get people to fight on his show," seethes the man. Chen clarifies that Mr. Peterson, her patient, started a talk-show brawl and got smacked in the head with a microphone.

"I killed her, I killed her!" screams Luka's woman from off in the distance.

Suddenly, Mr. Peterson catches sight of a familiar face and yells, "Stay the hell away from me, you queer!" A HeShe in a shiny purple dress and hot-pink boa pleads with Peterson to accept a ride home. "I don't dig penises, okay?" Peterson shouts. Kerry dodges a falling anvil to investigate the situation. Apparently, the HeShe had dated Peterson, then took him on a talk-show to confess being in the middle of a sex change. Peterson didn't react at all well. "You knew," minces the HeShe with exaggerated grief. "Part of you knew." Peterson grabs Kerry and spits, "See this? Man, woman. That's what I know! That's what's normal!" The aggrieved HeShe moans, "It's still love, Carl! Love is love!" Carl lunges at the HeShe, who throws a hand to his/her forehead and scampers down the hallway, away from this plot and the Great Anvil God, who's got nasty chronic dropsy. Aren't we five years beyond making fun of Jerry Springer episodes?

Luka, having calmed down Peterson, asks Kerry whether she's okay, and then points out that the M&M hearing on Bad Dad Fossen has commenced. She looks confused, having blissfully blotted Mark's existence from her mind.

Bing! They hop off the elevator at another floor. Kerry, visibly preoccupied, confronts Luka about her worst suspicions. "Luka, has there been any talk about me?" she asks, trying to keep her voice low. He doesn't quite follow her meaning, gently saying, "People always talk about their bosses." Kerry explains that she needs to know whether personal gossip has spread; again, Luka is adorably confused. At that moment, Dr. Anspaugh bellows, "Well, Dr. Weaver! I thought you fell under the spell of some Masai warrior and were never coming back!" Kerry is morose. She and Legaspi used to spell together.

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