Four Corners

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Four Corners

Kerry arrives at the hospital and says her uncomfortable good-morning to Abby and Carter. Dr. Dave "Blink and Miss Him" Malucci shouts, "Hey, Chief, back in the saddle so soon?" Kerry's eyes mist, because this reminds her of that one night she and Legaspi re-enacted the movie 8 Seconds and she got to play Bodacious the bull. Malik is surprised to see her, too. "It's been three weeks," Kerry says tersely. "Well, time flies when you're...missing a colleague," Dave trails off uneasily, scared Weaver will notice the Rogaine he pilfered to grow so flowing a brown mane in such a brief period. To change the subject, Dave asks Malik to handle a child's x-ray. Weaver tries to escape, but Randi stops her and gushes, "I love your hair color," then fondles it and tousles it and touches the Kenyan bracelet and then takes a bite out of Weaver's left breast, because Weaver is a lesbian. Weaver lies and says she got the bracelet at a shop in Nairobi, adding with selective honesty, "It was exactly as I remembered it."

Alone in the locker room, Kerry touches the cold, closed metal locker, a metaphor for her cold, closed life, and gulps back her discomfort. A commotion attracts her to the window, where she sees the aftermath of Zombie's spectacular belly-flop.

Zombie is wheeled into the trauma room, flanked by Luka, Abby, Weaver, and the usual gaggle of nurses. They call out diagnostics and Weaver orders two pints of O-negative for the infuser. "How did she get upstairs?" Luka muses angrily. Weaver jerks her head up. "She is an ER patient?" she asks. Abby exposits that Zombie arrived with abdominal pain, a facial fracture, and a broken wrist, and Chuny chips in that the girl also needed a Psych consult because she's pregnant by her own brother. Luka fumes that someone should've been monitoring her behavior and whereabouts; Haleh notes that Psych is desperately short-staffed without Legaspi. The Psych department and Weaver's bedroom have something in common, then. Distracted but trying to cover it, Weaver asks for some meds and a vascular clamp. Abby decides it's a good time for gossip, wondering why no one has replaced Legaspi. Haleh offers that Kim got a job in California. Weaver can't focus. All the rubber gloves and "job" talk is flustering her libido. "Have you heard from Dr. Legaspi?" Abby innocently asks Kerry. Overwhelmed with memories, Kerry jolts herself into consciousness and jams her fingers into Zombie's body; a surge of blood and other fluid immediately splats all over her neck. I desperately hope that's not part of these so-called subtle reminders of Kerry's life with Kim. Backing away from the table, Kerry wipes her face. "Probably a tension pneumo," Luka says, comfortingly, and it soothes me even though I have no idea what it means. It could mean "bubonic plague" and I'd feel relieved if it came from him.

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