Four Corners

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Four Corners

Mark, in the hearing room, explains that Fossen had injuries to his spleen and his superior mesenteric artery. Microsoft thoughtfully included "mesenteric" in its MS Word dictionary, and yet, what kind of world is this when that same electronic tome doesn't recognize "funktified"? Fossen was also apparently suffering from sanguination due to multiple vascular injuries. Mark confesses that he administered no lidocaine because he didn't have the drug box with him; when a nurse ran to get it, the elevator doors closed. We heard that during the Weaver segment. Anspaugh clarifies that Mark was therefore alone with the patient in the elevator, and Greene shakily confirms it. Elizabeth suddenly stares at her spouse and asks, "Did you say the original disrhythmia was stable v-tech?" Um, I think that goes without saying, Liz. She explains that she's trying to deduce whether Fossen had a pulse. Mark nods. Another doctor notes that, without lidocaine on hand, Fossen was conscious and unsedated when Mark cardioverted him. "Isn't that barbaric?" the man asks. Mark ascribes the act to the severity of the circumstances. While he talks, the camera closes in on Elizabeth, who clearly has reached some realization about what Mark might've done in that elevator and she's worrying about how it will eventually affect her, "his pension."

Luka grills Abby about whether she actually knows Carter's grandfather, so I assume she's just informed him of her plan to attend the reception. Luka acts miffed. Greene storms past and asks Abby where his homeless patient is, and she answers that Lizzie swept him into surgery, supposedly at Mark's behest, which is a lie. That sound you hear is his emasculated soul crying for redemption.

Zombie's mother stands motionless over her daughter's corpse, still intubated as it stiffens on the operating table. She brokenly begs Mark to remove the tube, but Mr. Suddenly A Stickler For The Rules swears that only a coroner can handle the corpse. She begins to babble. The show flew her family to Chicago and put them in the Hilton, and even paid for her to fix her teeth, on the promise that she'd keep her daughter in suspense as to the reason for their voyage. Leona lovingly strokes Zombie's hair. "It was a lie," she chokes. "It was all a lie, that stuff about them having the same daddies. I just said that to get them on the show." Mark looks grim, darkening his expression by another degree when Leona recalls always teaching her child to tell the truth, lest she incur God's wrath. Mark borrows an anvil from Kerry's story line and whacks his own head with it.

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