Four Corners

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Four Corners

Last, and certainly least, is Mark Greene. His day begins inside the radiology lab, where he's getting a brain scan to make sure everything's been successfully removed. Let's hope the Grim Reaper's got an itchy trigger finger gripping his scythe. Mark faux-casually wants to know how the readout looks, but the technician insists that he isn't qualified to give an opinion. "See anything bad?" Mark chirps.

We then make a clunky cut down to the lobby, where Luka is asking Mark to give an oral report about Bad Dad Fossen. They're holding a Morbidity and Mortality (or M&M) briefing about that night at the hospital, and Luka figures that Mark should present Fossen since he "treated" him. Mark distractedly agrees to do it, then gets sidetracked by Cleo and Leona, the latter of whom is looking for her daughter while Cleo woodenly scans the room and exposits that the hospital is overrun with injured loons from the talk show Battle Royale. Luka reappears long enough to clarify that he's presenting the case of the cab driver at the M&M, and he's visibly nervous about participating. "Relax," Mark says, "Stick to the facts, and you'll be fine." The Jinx Fairy is going to leave a dollar under his pillow tonight.

Cleo suddenly bolts to one of the exam rooms; Mark looks up and notices her gagging into a bag. "Third time today," she tells him minutes later. He inquires about her medicine, offering to change up the prescription to minimize side effects. "I can live with the nausea," Cleo insists. "[But] my liver enzymes are up." Mark understands that she's worried that the medicine is giving her hepatitis; since she only has one more week on the course of treatment, Mark suggests foregoing the drugs altogether for the sake of her liver. "I want to be safe," Cleo bleats, unwilling to assume that she's already in the clear. "Want my opinion?" Mark asks. "I guess so," Cleo shrugs, dripping with deeply appropriate reluctance. Mark tells her to lower her dosage and closely monitor all her related vital signs, like rust levels and battery strength.

Abby and two paramedics wheel in an elderly homeless man from Casey Square, assaulted by a handful of teenagers who wanted to steal his coin cup. Abby is appalled that people witnessed the beating and didn't intervene, because somehow she's clung to the idea that human nature is some kind of benevolent force. Ha. Good one, Abby. Mark calls for an x-ray and surgical consult, then wheels around to see Adele -- the social worker Fossen shot -- wheel herself toward him. "I hear you got up on crutches," Mark says encouragingly. "With leg braces, yeah. I'm trying, but I'm realistic," she grimaces. Adele adds that she's attending the M&M as "a show-and-tell," and raises her eyebrows when Mark confirms he's presenting Fossen. "Have fun," she says, shaking her head.

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