Forgive And Forget

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Forgive And Forget

Previously on Exasperating Relationships: Luka was seeing Montreal resident Gillian, whom he met in the Congo; then he started sleeping with Sam, whose son found out, prompting her to standoffishly suggest that she and Luka keep it super-casual; Elizabeth is seeing Minivan and has a date with Dr. Lawson; and Carter told Abby she'd be a great doctor. Wait, what? A medical plot? What does that have to do with sex?

Some kicky, jazzy music starts up as we fade in on Elizabeth having dinner with Minivan. He sloshes some curry onto her plate, which she greets with a nauseated expression -- just the kind of behavior that behooves one on a date. He calls it something that sounds like "Duck Sundae," and I sincerely hope that's not what he's actually saying, because that bodes poorly for its flavor. Minivan sits down and starts asking Elizabeth some rapid-fire awkward small-talk questions about her parents and her first kiss, and she nervously fiddles with a napkin ring. "You're terrible at small talk," she smiles. She tells him where she's from (Sussex) and what her parents do (surgeon, mathematics professor). She then claims that her first kiss was in seventh grade, which is kind of a big vernacular mistake. As a girl who grew up in England, Elizabeth would never have said "seventh grade," because that's not their school system. She'd have said second form, or something of that sort, or cited her age at the time. I don't think the culture shock of moving to the U.S. was so dramatic, and the rejection so fierce, that she sat down one day and aligned all her schoolgirl memories with whatever commensurate grade level it would've been in America. Minivan -- apparently having been relieved of his mental faculties for the night -- promptly asks Elizabeth if her husband died of cancer. Going from First Kiss to First Widowing doesn't sound like the most efficient way to make an evening cozy, because although nothing of interest could've happened in between -- we're talking about The Mark Years, here -- making a woman weep for the unexpected death of the father of her child is generally not Highway 69 to Orgasm City.

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