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Flight Of Fancy

Props to the bottlers of Coca-Cola Classic, for making this recap possible. Mmm. Enjoy Coke! Props, also, to Sars, since she and I have had to endure a really scrapy couple of weeks lately.

Previously on ER: Mark proposed to Elizabeth. Carla and Benton fought. Romano offered Benton a per-diem position. Luka beat a man to death. Lisa tried to comfort him, but he dissed her.

Mark "Many Are Bald, But Few Chosen" Greene is on the phone telling someone he's short-staffed. If I were him, I wouldn't advertise that. The ladies don't want no itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, shriveled little short-staffed man. Anyway, he adds that he can't go on a transport. Glancing at the transparent lucite board, he asks Conni to boot someone out of a curtain area; Conni tells him the woman's waiting for her daughter, and Mark snits, "That's what chairs are for." Randi walks over with a huge stack of files and whines, "They need you at the MICN!" Mark tells whoever's on the other end of the phone to try Mercy Air again. Chuny, on another phone, interrupts him to say that paramedics have gone out on a call to a man with chest pains who refuses to get in the ambulance; Mark tells her to make sure the recalcitrant patient understands the risks, and that he signs something to the effect that he's going against medical advice. Chuny tells Mark the guy won't sign the form. Mark asks the phone, "What are his vitals?" Peter "Gloated, and Demoted" Benton wanders over to tell Mark, in an accusatory tone, "You gave my patient cefoxitin?" The guy had a hot appendix, blah blah antibiotics, blah blah some other drug's a better drug, blah blah blah. Mark tells Benton he doesn't have time to debate the issue; Benton snarks something about Mark's lack of time management skills' not being Benton's problem, and leaves. Mark asks Abby "Lisa" Lockhart, "Did you get through?" Lisa says there's "no answer at his hotel room," but that she stat-paged him; now, I may not be a smart man, but I think they might be talking about Luka. He tells her to try Luka's cell phone, and asks the phone in his hand something about lasix. Chuny bugs him about the AMA chest-pain dude, and Mark tells her to get the guy on the radio and try to convince him. To the phone, Mark asks about a nitro drip...god, this is so tedious, considering that we all saw the preview (well, you all in the U.S. did; I got a stupid CTV preview all about Benton. Honestly, the way CTV flogs Benton as the focal point of this show, you would think Eriq LaSalle is Canadian) and know that Mark ends up going on this transfer and that "a hero will fall." BUT ANYWAY. Robert "Rocket" Romano comes in and tells Mark to "buff up a recurrent bowel obstruction" he has coming in. "What are we, Jiffy Lube?" Mark scoffs. Shut up, Mark. "Dr." Dave Malucci tells no one in particular that he needs a sugar tong splint (one of my favourite Japanese girl bands, by the way) and asks Randi whether Luka's "still MIA"; she confirms that he is. "Kovac missed his shift?" Romano repeats, and Lisa breezily chirps, "I'm sure he's on his way!" Romano asks where Weaver is, and Mark yells that it's her day off; Randi explains that Weaver's "at a chrysanthemum show." A chrysanthemum show? Oh, now, really, that is so gay. That's an activity that's totally out of character for Weaver to participate in. I just don't buy it. Romano scans the big board and snorts, "The one day I need her, she's playing Martha Stewart." Mark finally tells Romano that he has to go on a helicopter transport -- what?! He does? Well, I just had no idea. Except that I did -- and that Romano will have to call in backup. Lisa jumps in to say, "Why don't you wait 'til 8:30? He's never late." They went on one date and she's saying what Luka "never" does? That seems awfully presumptuous. Or, alternatively, kind of cute, since it suggests that she'd been informally stalking him around the hospital for a while before asking him out.

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