First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

Recently on ER, Elizabeth told Nathan she'd be failing him. Eric, who'd been AWOL from the Air Force, got arrested at County General and shouted bitterly at Abby as he left.

Abby Lockhart nibbles tensely on her nails while Michael Gallant talks on the phone with some military powers-that-be who might help her locate Eric. Gallant spells out "Wyczenski" in the military alphabet -- you know, "Whiskey, Yanni, Cacophony, Zenith, Enigmatic, Nefarious, Saliva, Kryptonite, Ignominious." Gallant seems stymied by his inability to get through to people in the know, and drops the I'm With The Family card. "They don't talk to family members," Abby hisses. Gallant refuses to lie for her. "I just want to know where he is!" Abby yelps. Out of the corner of her eye, Abby notices a smart-assed young guy harassing a bearded homeless guy -- named, appropriately enough, "Bearded Homeless Guy" -- played by the actor who was crazy Mr. Heckles on Friends. Abby bolts to separate them, and is aided by an incoming John Carter, who helps her escort Mr. Heckles to his own seat. Carter has just been up at Great Lakes looking for news about Eric; he exposits that Eric spent the night in the brig there before being transferred back to Nebraska. Since that's where he's based, I'm not sure why it's such earth-shattering information. "He might as well be in Manila," Abby brats. Gallant triumphantly hangs up and announces that he got a phone number, but Abby snaps that it's a number she's already tried three times. Poor Gallant looks crushed that he wasn't of more help.

Abby throws up her hands and decides to go to Nebraska right away, because she's always wanted to go to Manila. She marches into the doctors' lounge while Carter trots behind her making plans for them to hop a midday flight the next day. Abby refuses. She wants it now, Daddy. "My shift started five minutes ago," Carter says. "I can't dump it." He says it as if there's no way Abby will go without him. Abby isn't buying it. "You don't have to come," she shrugs. "You can't go alone," Carter says, taken aback. "I usually do this by myself," mutters Abby Lockhart, Seasoned Heroine. Carter suggests that she take Gallant with her. "Yeah, that's exactly what I need. A med student," Abby snorts. Carter points out that to them, he's but a lowly med student, yet to the officers on base, Gallant is a hot piece of tail in olive pants. Abby ignores Carter's prattle and rudely snaps, "Can you call me a cab?"

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